15 Budget Friendly & Healthy Snacks for Kids from ALDI

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The Fruit Basket

1. 3 lbs Organic Fuji Apples – $5.49

2. 3 lbs Conventional Oranges – $1.99

3. 1 Conventional Mango – $.69 each

4. 1 Conventional Pineapple – $1.29

5. Conventional Bananas – $.29 / pound

I love that Aldi also stocks fresh, organic strawberries! They didn’t have them this week, but they do often and I always snatch them up as strawberries are just loaded with pesticides and I try not to buy conventional strawberries.

Cheese and crackers are a classic and healthy snack for kids. Try these artisan crackers in delicious flavors like cheddar and sunflower and 4-seed, both available at Aldi.

The Cheese & Cracker Platter

We love crackers and cheese! ALDI sells organic varieties of crackers which I really like as well as Kerrygold Cheese which comes from grass-fed cows.

6. Organic Crackers, Chedder & Sunflower and 4-Seed – $2.69

7. Kerrygold Cheese – $3.29

Whip together a veggie tray for a healthy afternoon snack. Carrots, baby tomatoes, and some ranch dressing go perfectly together.

The Veggie Tray

I grow most of the vegetables we eat in the summer, but that’s not possible year round. I’m excited to find organic veggies and also organic Ranch Dressing since my kids like to dip.

8. Organic Baby Carrots – $1.69

9. Organic Cherry Tomatoes – $2.79

10. Organic Ranch Dressing – $1.99

Kids love smoothies! Tossing together some frozen blueberries, strawberries, some yogurt, and baby spinach is a delicious recipe to get your kids to eat healthy!

Smoothie Ingredients

Using a few base ingredients sold at Aldi as well as whatever fruit happens to be on sale, I can create an unlimited number of different smoothies for my kids to snack on! My base ingredients for healthy smoothies are:

11. Lifeway Kefir – $2.49

Organic Spinach – $1.69

Frozen Organic Strawberries – $2.69

Frozen Organic Blueberries – $2.99

A few handfuls of nuts mixed with raisins, chocolate chips, or other trail mix ingredients make for great snacks for kids.

Miscellaneous Snacks

I like to dump all the nuts, the dried fruit, and chopped chocolate into a jar. The mix makes a nice snack to take on the go! My kids eat ALDI organic granola by the handful. They also mix it with Kefir and eat it out of a cup.

12. Whole Almonds – $5.49

Chopped Walnuts – $3.49

Dried Apricots – $2.99

Chocolate from Germany {because it’s oh so good…} – $1.99

13. Organic Salsa – $1.89

Who doesn't love popsicles and frozen fruit bars? These Simply nature Organic frozen fruit bars from Aldi are the perfect summer snack for kids.

14. Organic Frozen Fruit Bars, Strawberry & Banana – $2.69 {for a nice splurge when I have extra money}

15. Organic Granola {my kids’ favorite is the Tropical Mango Passion, but they also have a tasty Apple Walnut as well.} – $3.49

Nature’s Path Organic Granola – Pumpkin Flax {my favorite} – $2.75

16. Organic Popcorn – $1.79 {I almost always pop my own from seeds, but some of you might like to know that ALDI does sell Organic Popcorn!)

And there you have it! At least 15 ideas for budget friendly, healthy snacks for kids – all found at your local ALDI! To find a store near you, search here at ALDI‘s store locator! Also, I highly recommend the free ALDI App for smartphones I downloaded it a while ago to my iPhone and I love checking out the weekly specials! It helps me prioritize what to buy and save money!

Are you an ALDI shopper? I’d love to hear your favorite items to buy there!

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  1. You have definitely inspired me to start hitting up Aldi more often! We go to sister store Trader Joe’s relatively often, but it sounds like they’ve really stepped up their game at Aldi! Can’t wait to snack on the cheap. 🙂