$3000 for Pots & Pans?

How much would you pay for pots and pans?

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I went to the Iowa City Home & Remolding show as our company (Oak Tree Homes) has a booth there. We have sat at lots of home shows and have walked around countless others, but I really liked this one, mostly because it was small and the Children’s Museum had a hands-on, interactive display that A & B really enjoyed.

While we walked around and enjoyed all the candy, West Bend Cookware fired up its display and started cooking. I’m always drawn to cookware shows. Especially when the cookware’s main promise is that it is safe and doesn’t leach anything into food. I constantly ponder the leaching aspect of cookware and worry about all the ways I’m poisoning my family. So I stopped, sat down and ate my 7 servings of vegetables in about 5 minutes! And I’m not going to lie to you, they were good vegetables (except a little bland)!

West Bend’s big selling point is that their cookware cooks safely (no leaching), at low temperatures in only water to retain more of the veggie’s nutrients. So, you don’t have to add unhealthy fats. (But I thought olive oil is good for us!?)

After their whole presentation, they gave us the prices. It’s their 100 year anniversary, so they have some FANTASTIC deals we’ll NEVER see again. For the bargain price of $2750, you too could be the proud owner of their cookware. You’d get 11 different sizes of pots & pans with lids, their 12 1/2 in electric skillet, food cutter (which I would LOVE to own), 5 qt. liquid Core cooker, 12 quart dutch oven with cover, and a griddle.

My biggest questions are, how many different pots & pans does one family need?? And where the heck would you store all those pots & pans?? And finally, would a food processor be better than the food cutter below?

How much would you pay for pots and pans?

I regularly use 2 cast iron skillets and 2 smaller Teflon pots. I also have a Teflon stock pot I use for soup, and a huge stainless stock when I’m making enormous batches of spaghetti sauce or salsa to can. So regularly, I only use 4-5 different pots & pans.

Well, I didn’t buy the cookware. I might like to own one or two pieces, but the entire thing? I don’t think so.

What do you think about $3000 for cookware? Do you worry about leaching? What do you cook on? I’m curious.

And if anyone has one of those really cool food cutters you aren’t using, I would LOVE to buy it from you! 🙂


  1. I think $3K is ridiculous for cookware! I have a set of Oneida stainless steel (with copper bottoms) cook and pour pots and pans. (POT SIZES: 2-1.5 qt, 2-2.5 qt, 1-3.5; 1-6 qt stock pot & 1-10 saute' pan all with lids that were approx. $350 on Amazon for all the pieces.) I love this set. I then have a 10" Pampered Chef frying pan, 1-1 qt Oneida pot that I inherited, 1-12 qt stainless, stock pot from Wal-Mart and 2-8" frying pans from Sam's club. All of the Cook & Pour pots and pans I use a lot! (Did I say I love them!!) I use the Pampered Chef pan some...when I need it, it is really nice to have. I wish my 12 Qt was the cook & pour, but I really only use it for making jam and chili.
  2. Oneida Cook & Pour Set approx. $350 on Amazon (Stainless Steel, copper bottom)I love an use these quite a bit. They are my primary cooking tools:
    2-1.5qt pot
    2-2.5qt pot
    1-3.5qt pot
    1-6qt stock pot & 10" Saute Pan with a lid
    Other Pots & Pans:
    1-1qt reg. Oneida w/lid pot that I acquired
    2- medium cast iron skillets (used mostly for camping and frying bacon)
    1-12qt stock pot (Cheap from Wal-Mart, I think, used primarily for chili and jamming/canning)I wish this was an Oneida.
    2-8" Frying pans from Sam's Club (These are really Wes' pans...I don't really cook with them.)
    1-Pampered Chef 10" Frying pan with lid (I don't use this very often, but when I do I really like it...a lot!)
  3. i am blessed in a home w/2 kitchens, one up for my husband & I & one down for my childcare business. I have T-Fal pots & cast iron skillets in both as well as a 'wok' style skillet upstairs. I would never think of spending that or needing that many pans for even my 2 kitchens. yikes!
  4. Our cookware consists of 2 KitchenAid nonstick skillets (no scratches, 1 big, 1 small, used mostly for eggs & omelets), 1 large Calphalon stainless steel deep skillet w/glass lid ($1 yard sale find), 16 qt. Cuisinart stainless steel set (pot, steamer, pasta drainer, lid) and 1, 3, and 4.5 qt Revere Wear stainless pots with lids. With the exception of the 16 qt, all fit in my under-the-oven drawer and I could probably get rid of the nonsticks if space was at more of a premium.
  5. Yikes! I would love new pots and pans but the ones I have work fine and I am not willing to fork over what looks like a month's salary! I have 4 pans, I large, one medium sized, 2 small. I have one large pot, three medium, one small. And in 2010 I won a give-away 5 qt. cast-iron casserole. Other than that I have two roasters (one open, one closed) and a large cheap aluminum pot I use for steaming large things. Those last few items though reside in my storage room in the basement. I should say that the majority of my cookware is 25 years old!

    I cook a LOT! BTW
  6. Ha! I got a food cutter extremely similar to that one for free just for hosting that demo at my home that you were here for, remember? They too were selling super expensive cookware I could never justify. But it was worth sitting through the demo for the free gift - we use it!
  7. I remember that, Linguabase. It was very similar. They did not give us that offer, or I would have hosted a show! :-)
  8. I actually spent almost $1200 on cookware and I dont regret it at all. Did a lot of research for many months and went with Le Creuset, which is enamel on cast iron and I saw it was highly recommended with a lifetime warranty. (We were 22 and 25, so for us the idea of having high quality cookware that wouldnt leech chemicals in food and would last us a lifetime was right up our alley.)

    We had gone in on the way back from volunteering at a farm, working in the fields (so we were a young couple who had dirt all over us and looked like we had seen better days and unlikely that we could afford these even)

    To our surprise, the staff was incredibly accommodating, and didnt treat us any differently. We were worried since several other store workers in the outlet mall treated us rudely, so we expected them to do the same. (We went to a Sears Outlet to get a front loading washer and dryer and got a very rude woman who said she had no options for us and dismissed us when we asked about financing. Little did she know, we were actually going to pay in cash, and instead left for a local store a week later that offered us a much better price anyways for what we were looking for.)

    Back to the cookware, the only reasons we did it, is because we lived by one of their outlet stores, so things were actually cheaper than they typically are and they always have sales too. One also needs to take into account that we didnt own other cookware, so we werent replacing anything, but buying our 'firsts and lasts' basically :D
  9. I think LeCreusets are very pretty. What is the advantage of enamel on cast iron? I love my cast iron pans. Wonder what the enamel does...
  10. sorry I own a set it was the best and healthiest investment my wife ever made. [ TOWNECRAFT COOKWARE]
  11. Our set consists of 10 pieces of stainless steel 8 quart dutchoven / 3 quart pan / 1 and half vegetable unit 9 inch skillet / 11 inch skillet and as a bonus 10 and half inch electric oil core skillet

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