$33 Walgreens Challenge – Trip #3

I made another trip to Walgreens this morning to roll my $5RR from my last trip in my $33 Walgreens Challenge! Through today (Sat., July 23) you can get free Milka chocolate and free Dove Care for Men 6 pack Soaps!

Unfortunately, my local Wags was out of the Milka chocolate, so I got a raincheck for 4 as I have 4 – $1 off coupons. Here’s how you get them for free: Print as many of the $1/1 coupons from here and combine them with the $1/2 Walgreens coupons that’s located in the July coupon booklet. Hand over your manufacturer coupons first to avoid register beeping. And voila ~ free chocolate! I did buy 3 of these already when I was in Missouri and it worked for me with no problems.

The Dove for Men soap is on sale for $6 each. Buy 2 and get a $4 RR. To get these for free, use 2 – $4 Dove coupons from the 6/26 RP.

The lip gloss was on clearance for .50 ea. I’m stocking up on stocking stuffers for Christmas!

My total after coupons came to $3.04 which I put on my gift card. I have $24.48 left on my gift card and $4 RR to roll next time!

Did you get any good deals at Walgreens this week? Here are my purchases from Trip #2. And here are my purchases from Trip #1.



  1. I've actually had pretty good luck with Walgreens, but I've read some horror stories. I think it helps that I've gotten to know some of the the cashiers and a lot of the employees recognize me and my 4 kiddos! :-) I try to be organized and respectful of other shoppers. And, I sometimes buy the items the cashiers push at check-out and they like that. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the customer service at the Walgreens I shop most often. I've been shopping there for a few years and am pretty knowledgeable on how their deals work. That helps too. There are a lot of ins and outs to learn about shopping at Walgreens. If I had closer options, I would honestly probably shop elsewhere! But I don't so I make the best of what we have here. :-)

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