$33 Walgreens Challenge

I did some more Walgreens shopping last week. I was pretty surprised to find a completely wiped out Walgreens in Missouri on Tuesday! I wanted to buy the Crayola markers that were free after register rewards and some of the barrettes. But they were cleaned out!

I finally asked the manager and she was able to find me one box of markers so I was able to buy them last week, but I didn’t get a picture. This week, I decided to go shopping on Sunday before they ran out of stock! Here’s what I got:

I got the Herbal Essence and Aussie hair care using free coupons I just got in the mail. Buying them with the free coupons yielded 2 – $1 RR. Pretty good, I thought. The Walgreens in QCA was stocked with crayons, so I bought 2 boxes. They cost $1 and yielded a $1 RR each. I also found some clearanced hair pretties and threw them in so I could roll

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