4 Months Post Spica ~ Happy 2nd Birthday!


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Today is Sara’s 2nd birthday. It’s a bitter sweet day for me, knowing the future of her hip is still uncertain.  I can’t help but be happy and sad for her at the same time.

Yesterday was Sara’s 4 month post spica check-up. We hadn’t been to see her surgeon since her cast was cut off on January 30th. I called a couple of times because I was worried about the little limp she still has, but I resisted the urge to have her hips xrayed before her scheduled appointment. As it turns out, everything is fine.

We got good news for now. Her hip is stable in her socket. Her socket shows signs of positive growth and her surgeon was happy with her flexibility and range of motion. However, he did caution us – we will be extremely lucky if this is her one and only surgery. Most children who are diagnosed with DDH late, as she was, need more than one intervention to fix everything – if it’s ever even really “fixed.” For now, I am focusing on being extremely lucky! It’s all I can do.

As I reflect on the last year, I am struck by the pictures of Sara in her spica cast. She did have hard days, but for the most part, Sara was a picture of happiness, determination, and joy. She didn’t let not being able to walk set her back. I know this drive will serve her well in her lifetime. I certainly hope this is the end of the road for us. I’m ready to throw her brace in the trash – but she’ll continue to sleep in it for as long as I can wrestle it on her if it means no more surgeries, no more spica casts, no more pain.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sara!

My birthday wish is for us to be “extremely lucky!” No more surgeries, no more spica casts, no more pain.

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