5 Fun Ways to Beat Summer Learning Loss


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We’ve been out of school now since the end of May, so we’re already a solid month into our summer vacation. I’m a homeschooling mom, so I really appreciate not having to yell at my kids to finish their work each day. It’s the time of year when I kick my kids outside to play and feel good about them getting dirty and having fun outdoors.

While I’m excited for the time away from official school books and the decreased emphasis on skills, I know that kids can regress in their learning over long summer breaks if we don’t take care to stop that regression. Fortunately, it’s easy to find fun ways to continue learning all year long! It’s really not that hard to think of fun and educational activities to do with kids and lots of companies, like Carson-Dellosa, help make it even easier with free learning games and activities. Here are five we try to beat summer learning loss, without the use of formal educational materials.

5 Fun Ways to Beat Summer Learning Loss

5 Fun Ways to Beat Summer Learning Loss - #ad #SmarterSummer #IC join summer reading programs at local libraries {from SimplifyLiveLove.com}

Summer Reading Programs

If you haven’t heard of summer reading programs, and you’re a parent, surely you’re living under a rock. Local libraries are full of great learning activities to keep kids active and engaged in learning during the summer. Our libraries always have a ton of fun freebies just for reading books – free passes to museums, free books, free treats. They go to great strides to make reading fun for kids to keepstheir brains active! Barnes and Noble and other book sellers also get into the Summer Reading programs. There is no shortage of summer reading fun to accomplish with your kiddos.

Summer Bucket List

Summer is the perfect time participate in activities we’re not as able to do during the school year. Sleeping under the stars, learning about constellations, heading out to local attractions, completing a fun project – all of these are items that I traditionally put on our summer bucket lists. Think about educational things to do with your kiddos and make your own list to cross off this summer! Summer bucket lists are great ways to sneak in extra facts the kids might not be learning elsewhere.

5 Fun Ways to Beat Summer Learning Loss #SmarterSummer #IC #ad from SimplifyLiveLove - Georgia O'Keefe art project

Art Projects

With the emphasis on reading and math and standardized testing, a lot of schools neglect art, in my humble opinion. Summer is the perfect time to learn about the lives and work of famous artists and work on projects copying a specific artist’s style. We’re working on a Georgia O’Keefe project this summer which of course involves reading and writing as well as art, and we’ve also completed a few fun outdoor projects like squirt gun painting and homemade slime! Summer is the perfect time to take learning projects outside!

5 things to do with kids in Springfield , Missouri-tour Laura Ingalls Wilder Rocky Ridge Farm - by SimplifyLiveLove.com

Educational Travel

I’m a big believer in educational travel. What better way to learn about past events than to actually go to historically significant places. We took a fabulous trip earlier in May and learned so much about the American Civil War and pioneer Laura Ingalls Wilder. While we traveled to Missouri for this trip, there are so many local areas that would make a great staycation as well. All you need is a bit of research and a great attitude!

5 Fun Ways to Beat Summer Brain Drain Carson-Dellosa #ad #IC #smartersummer

Keep on top of basic skills with Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities

According to a recent survey by Carson-Dellosa, 84% of children actually forget basic facts over the summer, sometimes two months worth of skills, and mostly math and spelling. To help combat summer learning loss,  Carson-Dellosa’s website can help your kids keep their skills current.

#SmarterSummer #IC #ad Just 15 minutes a day can keep your kids’ skills sharp throughout the summer so they’re ready to go when school starts back up again in the fall. The Carson-Dellosa website is the right place for access to standards-aligned resources and over 900 printable and reproducible activities, including math work sheets, resource guides, certificates and more. Sign up for free and fun educational online games, sample books, printable worksheets, and activities you can use all summer long {and all year long!} to help stop summer learning loss.

5 Fun Ways to Beat Summer Learning Loss #ad #SmarterSummer #IC from {simplifylivelove.com}

Ben, my 9-year-old, has been enjoying the spelling game, Spelling Word Zap. His spelling skills have never been that great and that’s actually something we’re working on this summer. He thought this game was funny – I heard lots of giggles when he was playing it with his cousin. And if it helps his spelling skills, I think that’s wonderful!

In all, there are so many creative ways to engage your kids this summer to prevent summer learning loss! I’d love to hear how you encourage your kids to use their brains during the long summer months.

Check out Carson-Dellossa’s website and tell me what you do to combat summer learning loss with your own kids!

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  1. These are great suggestions. I loved our weekly visit to the library growing up. It was my favorite summer activity.

    1. We are so lucky to have a great library and so many other awesome ways to inspire our kids this summer! 🙂

  2. Yes, you’re right the summer vocation will consume the education and skills of the children. To avoid the loss and to keep the students sharp will the knowledge. There are many fun loving engaging things for children. The above you discussed are awesome, children can develop their arts and crafts skill, one can be sharp through online gaming and many more.

  3. Great ideas! The statistics of kids who don’t read during the summer and their school preparation level come fall is amazing. Our local librarians were saying kids can loose up to 6 months of knowledge! Let me know if you go to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in Burr Oak!