5 Minute Grammar Lesson ~ Alot? or A lot?


Wondering whether a lot is one word or two? Think no more.

 Welcome to your 5 Minute Grammar Lesson

Alot or A lot

It’s TWO words! It’s never okay to write alot – simply wrong, wrong, wrong. When in doubt, look for the little red squiggly line under alot {the little line that I miss a lot…} which indicates a problem that needs to be fixed.

Just remember: it’s not alittle or ahuge or asmall or abig. OR ALOT. Separate the two words to be grammatically correct and make your English teacher happy. {And pay attention to little squiggly lines that indicate problems…} 😉

And that’s your 5 Minute Grammar Lesson. Until next time, Grammarians.

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  1. I well remember one of my English teachers going over this 30+ years ago. Never use "a lot" unless you're referring to a piece of land; use a great deal or much instead. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you for your grammar reminders. I spend a lot of time with children. It is easy to let grammar slip when surrounded by little ones. :)

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