5 Minute Grammar Lesson ~ Can YOU find the error?

A couple weeks ago I posted a picture of an error I came across when reading my daughter a book in a waiting room. It was a fun post for me, actually, so I’ve been on the prowl for more errors to take pictures of. I found a good one last week when writing a post about the differences between Nutrimills and Wondermills.

Can YOU find the error? This is a screen capture from Amazon.

I’ll give you a hint. The error is somewhere in here:

If no one answers in the comments, I’ll post next week with the explanation. 🙂 Don’t forget to email me at [email protected] if YOU find a fun error picture for my 5 Minute Grammar Series!

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  1. Well it should have a hyphen between variable and texture, course should be coarse, what is on-oily grains?, and another hyphen between self and cleaning. :)
  2. I see so many! The word course should be coarse. The word on-oily should be non-oily. The N in the "no gumming" phrase doesn't need to be capitalized after a semi-colon. In addition, I would have hyphenated 20 cup as 20-cup, and self cleaning as self-cleaning.
  3. Of course I can find the error! :) "course" for "coarse". What is "on-oily"? Also, I've always made airflow one word, but I guess it's acceptable as two words.

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