5 Minute Grammar Lesson ~ Can YOU find the error?!

Last week I picked this book up in a waiting room and read it to my two year old. UGH!!! I can’t believe that someone went the expense to actually PRINT this book!! Clearly, this book company needs to hire a new editor. Can YOU find the error? Are you smarter than the editor of this book??

If you don’t know, read this and learn! And tell ALL of your friends. I’m on a personal mission to eradicate it’s and its errors!! 😉

Got a picture for me? I’d love to feature it on my 5 Minute Grammar Lesson series!! Please email me: [email protected]

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  1. Are you serious? This was actually a story book?! Well - "it's" is the problem! Have you written the company? I definitely would! I have been know to write a lot of online magazines about grammatical errors.

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