5 Minute Grammar Lesson ~ What’s Wrong with this Picture?

legoland misspellingThis picture comes to me courtesy of my friend Chantal, too. She’s great at finding these things, isn’t she? They took their family to Lego Land recently and saw this sign in the parking lot!

Haha!! Can you find the error?

Today’s 5 Minute Grammar Lesson – USE Spell Check!! I can’t spell worth a darn either, but I can hit the spell check button and pay attention to squiggly lines…especially before I pay a small fortune to have signs made for my parking lot!!

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      • Here in Kansas City, the covered parking is for all of the Crown center shops, so it doesn't have banners like that. I don't think there is any surface parking, but I'll be keeping an eye open for it next time I'm in the area.
        • I didn't know you are in KC, Annie! We're there from time to time, shopping at Trader Joe's! I also didn't know there is a Legoland there! That's good to know. Where is it? :-)

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