5 Minute Grammar Lesson ~ What’s wrong with this picture? #GrammarFail

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I have to admit…I love being on the lookout for funny grammar fails and this one cracked me up for a number of reasons.

#grammarfail Can you spot the problem?

See, when my husband and I lived in Japan from 1999-2001, we had super cheap cars. We all did, because Americans were not allowed to bring shiny, new cars with them to Okinawa. It’s a pretty small island and I guess the government officials thought there were enough cars there already? I don’t really remember the rationale, but I do know that it was the beginning of not having car payments. We sold our expensive cars before going there and made an effort to get the cheapest, reliable car we could find. And we have done everything in our power to avoid car payments since because not having a car payment is one of the most awesome things ever.

One of the nine vehicles we owned while we lived there {our quest for reliable was not very successful…} was a Toyota van we lovingly called “The Silver Bullet.” My husband was a maintenance officer in the 67th Fighter Squadron and worked with a lot of F-15 crew chiefs. I’m not sure why he bought their van, but he did. It was spray painted silver and delightfully adorned with black and red spray painted words every so often to make it look like the jets they readied for the pilots.

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