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5 Tips For Cleaning With Kids

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Today, Kathleen is sharing her tips for cleaning with kids. Lord knows I’m no expert on this subject. If one thing creates more drama in my home that most anything else, it’s trying to clean with my kids. I hope you will find these tips useful. I should give them a try too!

Tips for cleaning with kids from SimplifyLiveLove.com

Does cleaning with kids sound impossible? If so, then you have not probably tried more alternative approaches. Many parents think that encouraging their kids to feel more enthusiastic about the chores is very difficult, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

5 Tips For Cleaning With Kids

It’s likely true that cleaning is not your favorite activity, but if you’d like to include your kids, you need to give the utmost of your efforts. Normally, kids won’t be thrilled by the idea of helping with household duties so you shouldn’t be surprised when they do not demonstrate willingness at first. However, as long as you can keep your cool, and demonstrate patience and dedication, you will succeed in creating the best family team. You even find your family beginning to adore cleaning.

Here are some basic tips to follow when cleaning with kids:

Give Them Simpler Tasks

When you involve the kids in the household activities, start by giving them simpler tasks. When they manage with the tasks, they will gain confidence and this will encourage them to handle more complicated tasks next time. Praise them for the efforts and let them realize that you truly appreciate their role in cleaning.

Introduce Cleaning As a Game

It’s not that difficult at all to make cleaning more captivating. All you need to do is introduce cleaning as a game in which all family members will be involved. Set the rules and and give some tiny prizes to encourage the kids to feel more enthusiastic about the household activities. Kids adore games and love to compete and to face challenges, even when it comes to cleaning.

Set The Right Mood

Before involving the kids in the chores, make sure that you have created the right mood. Listening to music while cleaning or introducing audio books, might be motivational to your kids. The important thing is to keep the kids entertained and to make the chores less boring. They may be reluctant to take part in the beginning but when you introduce them some innovative ways to make cleaning funny, they will eventually change their opinion.

Become Part Of Their Team

When kids know that the whole family takes part in the household activities, they will be easily convinced to join the team. Be a good example for the kids and never underestimate the fact that they will immediately notice when you do not take part in the cleaning. Help them with more complicated tasks and demonstrate how to become more effective when they mop, vacuum and dust instead of nagging and belittling their efforts.

Praise Them For The Efforts

Obviously, kids won’t be able to manage with all the tasks in a perfect way but parents should always praise them for their efforts. Even when you see that the child meet difficulties in cleaning the room, avoid being too harsh. Instead, you can encourage the kid and help him with the activity. Keep in mind that kids are sometimes afraid of disappointing their parents and feel confused when they cannot handle the tasks.

These are five simple ways in which you could effectively involve the kids in the cleaning tasks. Stay motivated and positive and remember that when you find the right approach towards the children, you will quickly make them part of your cleaning team. Let them be independent but help them with the household activities when they feel insecure. Cleaning can be fun both both for parents and for the kids, as long as you have a smile on your face and readiness to meet some tiny obstacles.

This article was written by Kathleen from Quality Brixton Cleaner.. For more tips by Kathleen, read Natural Cleaning Alternatives and 5 Recipes for Every Day Cleaners and Tips to Control the Clutter in Your Homeschool.

How do you encourage your children to help cheerfully with cleaning chores? I’d love to hear your tips!

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  1. blankJenni says

    Great post! Cleaning with kids can be tricky, but all your ideas are gold. We usually put some fun music on and dance away while we “clean”.

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