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5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts #BB100

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It’s Day 5 in the Grammar Portion of Boost your Blog in 100 Days Series and today’s topic is on writing better blog posts. This is a do as I say post, and not a do as I do post. I need to follow my own best advice.

5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts #BB100

1. Serve a purpose – DIBS –

This four letter acronym comes to you courtesy of Laura at GoodNotPerfect and means, Does It Benefit Someone? I had the privilege of meeting Laura last weekend when I was on a girl’s weekend in Chicago and the woman is incredibly smart, y’all. I absolutely love her idea of DIBS. If you want to keep people coming back to your blog, you have to provide some sort of benefit. Think about how each and every post you write will help someone. Find some way to make sure that your post is useful.

2. Write a catchy headline –

CopyBlogger’s post called Writing headlines that get results claims that only 2 out of 10 people will read your entire post. He claims, 50% of the time you spend writing a post should be thinking of a catchy headline!! Crazy! Make sure you grab attention quickly with a catchy headline. The catchier your headline, the more people will read. The more people who read, the more people who stick around and come back. Make sticky headlines so people will come back. Read his article and the four ways he says you can write better headlines.

3. Keep it short –

ProBlogger’s post on the preferred  length of a blog post is another good one. Remember that the average blog reader has a really short attention span. I’ve probably already lost you with this post. A useful acronym is KISS: Keep it Short, Stupid. 😉 I know, that’s not very nice. But you might remember!

4. Write in plain, concise, useful language –

I often tell my students that there’s no reason to try to sound academic. Be yourself and get to the point already. Flowery language can be annoying so make your point quickly and move on.  I love this post from the SITS Girls which talks about the power of the first and last sentence. Read it! Spend a lot of time writing killer first and last sentences in concise language.

5. Proof read, proof read, proof read –

If you haven’t already, read my post The Top 10 Grammar Mistakes Bloggers Make. Ask a friend for help. Don’t be afraid to edit once you hit the publish button. So many successful bloggers talk about the importance of an editorial calendar. Have a plan, write posts out ahead of time, visit them often and make a lot of changes. Rarely is the first draft of anything great. Outline, think about your post, make it useful, take your time. But, get it done, too!

I’ve shared my top 5 tips for writing better blog posts and am genuinely curious what tips you use to write better blog posts. How do you engage your readers and keep them coming back for more?

Please comment and let me know!!

boost your blog in 100 days #bb100


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  1. blankJulie says

    It is so true about the short attention span, but just as equal is short on time. I’m sure everyone can agree on that. When writing my posts, I try to add a little humor to it. I think that’s what draws me to other’s posts.

  2. blankMachelle says

    As for length, the key is balance. I don’t mind a long post if it takes that to get the information across. I don’t like long posts that ramble on an on about nothing. I also detest short post that say nothing, usually released just to keep up with their blog schedule to try to bring in readers. Both are huge time consumers. Kingdom Life & Blessings

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