Baking Cupboard Make-Over

A while back I asked my Facebook friends for storage container recommendations because my baking cupboard was a great big mess. Here’s what it looked like:

Pretty tragic, huh?

I got a lot of good suggestions:

I looked at all of those types of containers and more (Thank you so much for your ideas!) and finally decided to go with SLOM jars I bought at Ikea. They are a pretty good size, they have a tight seal, and they are glass. I can fit a lot of them (10 to be exact) on one shelf in my baking cupboard. I decided to go with glass to prevent chemical leaching (even though my bigger containers are food grade plastic).

I wanted them to be glass so I could easily see inside them. Cost was a factor. Since I needed so many, I wanted them to be relatively inexpensive. So, I bought 12 of the SLOM jars and then used 10 quart Ball (well, actually they are a mix. Some are Kerr) canning jars I already had, and 3 pint canning jars as well. I still need to add a few more jars to the mix. I need them to be wide-mouth so I can get a measuring cup inside them.

And here’s how my cupboard looks now:

Much Better!

So I still need to do a little more work. Labels would probably be handy (thought I don’t have a label maker)! 😉 And, I need a few more jars. Ideally, all shelves would have jars. A door on my cupboard would also be nice!! 🙂 And that’s in the works thanks to my handy hubby!

Curious about what’s in THAT many jars? Here’s my list:

SLOM Jars:
Whole flax seed, Dry milk, Whole oats, Popcorn,
Great Northern beans,  Pinto beans, Jasmine rice, Turtle beans,
Unbleached flour, Maseca (corn meal), Powdered sugar, Brown sugar,
Quart Jars:
Dark chocolate chips, Semi-sweet chocolate chips, Peanut butter chips, Whole Almonds,
Chopped pecans, Raw sugar, Refined sugar, Raw sunflower seeds, Cous cous, Barley
Pint Jars:
Pumpkin seeds, Golden raisins, Raw sesame seeds

I think it will work quite nicely for me! Have you recently completed a perplexing home improvement make-over? I would LOVE to hear about it!!

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  1. I love it!! Maybe I'll make that my spring project! I love the look of the jars! I don't think you need a door!

  2. <3 IKEA!

    I also use mason jars. If a package, like MASA, has directions, I cut them out and put them in the jar.
  3. I love those SLOM jars. Nice and big. Some of my masons weren't big enough. How much do they hold? the price was right for the size it seems.

    I cut off the names of the contents from the package and tape them to the jar or lid, and if there's instructions I use packing tape to tape those to the jar. :)

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