Beef Stock-up!

I’ve been griping for a couple of months because my freezer was broken. Luckily, we realized it was on the fritz and were able to save everything that was in it, but cooking ahead and freezing and being able to buy more than can fit in my little freezer, are key ways I keep my grocery budget low!

This week, my freezer was finally fixed. And right in time, too, because we made our yearly beef purchase a few weeks ago and it was ready for pick-up at the meat locker.

I’ve blogged about this before, but this beef really helps me keep my budget low. It’s a big out of pocket expense all at once, but by averaging my budget (sometimes spending more, sometimes less), I’m still able to buy this beef and keep my yearly budget low.

The locker bill came to $130 and the farmer’s bill was $380 for a total of $510. I have saved $200 already this year by not spending quite $250 for a few months so I need to make up another $310 over the next 6 months. That sounds like a lot, considering my budget is only around $250 each month. I’m confident I can do it though, because when my garden is in full swing, I won’t have to buy much of anything to keep us well fed!

I got a total of 210 pounds of meat for that $510 which averages out to $2.43 a pound. Included in my purchase were 4 packages of tenderized round steak, 12 packages of steak, 62 pounds of hamburger, 8 roasts, and 3 packages of soup bones. $2.43 a pound for all of that meat is an awesome deal, considering the cow was raised right here in rural Iowa with minimal interference. Our farmer feeds his cows primarily a grass diet but finishes with corn.

And the meat tastes great! It’s not gas packed or pumped full of any solutions. And it’s a local option which keeps the carbon footprint smaller.

Do you buy any meat in bulk like this? I’d love to hear! If you’re looking for a source of local beef (or fruit or veggies or other meat), the Local Harvest website is a great place to start.

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  1. A.MEN. I love our farm raised beef! Knowing where your food comes from is awesome! We do this same purchase every November. other than that I like to get bulk (marked down) tomatoes @ the farmer's market for canning in August, peppers for chopping & freezing, OH & last year I did some peaches for jam too.
  2. Yes!!! We buy our beef locally as well. Your right, a large up front expense but well worth it. Curious as to where you get yours. Send me an email if you wish. Thanks as always for linking up to the frugal Tuesday tip!!

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