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bitty babyI have to be stealthy with this post…but American Girl doll sent me a Bitty Baby a while back and my middle daughter {Cora} is going to be seriously thrilled when she finds her. We love American Girl Dolls around here. My oldest daughter and I went to the American Girl Doll Store in Chicago last year on New Year’s Day for first time ever. Anna picked out The 2012 Doll of the Year – Saige – and will be thrilled to find something super special for her doll under the tree this year, too. American Girl dolls are on the pricey side, but their quality is top notch and going to the store is just an experience in and of itself. We love their books – empowering messages – educational themes! Really, I was so impressed when we went to the store last year.

American Girl Doll Bitty Baby

Cora is such a hard one to shop for because she can never think of anything she wants. Her birthday is December 26th which makes it even that much more difficult for me. This year, she said she wants an American Girl Doll. YAY – I have a goal! I was thrilled when American Girl Doll said they’d send one out…this Bitty Baby is seriously cute. She comes with a hard cover book and a little pillow star – just like the one pictured in the book. And you can choose hair and eye color on your Bitty Baby!

bitty baby2

We didn’t go to the store to buy these presents, but I did sign up for email notifications and occasionally, I get an email with a free shipping code. Through today, you can get free shipping, too! If anything from American Girl Doll is on your list, make sure to snag it now and have it mailed to your house for free!

Use code CELEBRATE on your order of $100 or more, through today 12/9, only and get free shipping! Many thanks to American Girl Doll for their wonderful products.

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