Using Menards Rebates to Bless Others

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to bless people!

This was a huge realization to me a couple of years ago when I realized that couponing would help me in more ways than just reducing my grocery budget. My couponing efforts have really decreased this year, but it is still helping me reduce expenses this December. I don’t have a lot of money to spend, especially this time of year with two December birthdays and Christmas. But I do have other resources!

As remodelers/home builders, we always have Menards Rebate Dollars. I’ve posted previously about the way Menards Rebates work here. They are some of the easiest rebates around, I think. I always look through the Menards ad. Some things I’ve bought for near free there after rebates are organic hair care, soap, toilet paper, and this year, I bought some really cute toys – two wooden Melissa & Doug toy sets (train & tool box), and four puzzles. The puzzles were completely free after rebate and the Melissa & Doug toys ended up to be about $5 each. Since I bought them entirely with rebate money, I didn’t pay anything out of pocket.

If you’d like to donate toys this year, you can locate a Toys for Tots drop-off location here. Alternatively, you can also drop off toys this year (through December 17) at Walgreens – a very handy option for me! And, you can also drop off Toys for Tots at Iowa Fareways – another handy option. 😉

This week at Menards, you can buy up to 20 large or x-large gift bags for free after rebate! I’ll head out to get a few, as I think they are useful to have on hand.

How do you give to others without breaking the bank?

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