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Block Island Organic Sunscreen – Not just for summer… @BIOSuncare

Many thanks to Block Island Organics Sunscreen for sending me sunscreen to try out. I received product in consideration for this post, but the thoughts and opinions are all mine.

Block island organics - have you analayzed your sunscreen lately

Block Island Organic Sunscreen – Not just for summer…

While it might seem odd to write a post about sunscreen as the weather is cooling down, I think it’s the perfect time for everyone to revisit the topic of sunscreen. As a freckled redhead with a family history of skin cancers, staying safe in the sun is a pretty important topic to me. I’ve had many bad sunburns, unfortunately; but one of my most painful sunburns ever came at this time of the year on a cool, gorgeous fall day. I was visiting my boyfriend at the time, the man I’ve been married to for 18 years now, and we were at a football at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. It was a cool day, but the sun was shining hard. I had on a sweater and jeans, and had sunscreen on my face, yet my hands were exposed. And wouldn’t you know it, I burned the tops of my hands – because as a freckled red head, I burn very, very easily. It was seriously one of the most painful burns I can remember, and I’ve had some doozies in my 40 plus year.

Block Island Organics - have you analyzed your sun screen lately

While I am concerned about skin cancer from sun burns, I’m equally concerned about the nasty effects caused by the chemicals found in many mainstream sunscreens. Skin cancer is on the rise, and the rate of melanoma diagnoses have tripled since the 1970s, according to the Environmental Working Group. From the data I’ve read, the jury is still out on the reason for the rise in melanoma – but it’s more complicated than bad sunburn at young age = melanoma.

While certain skin cancers, the type my family is prone to for instance, are linked to sunburns, the cause for the rise in melanoma is not as clear cut. Could it be all of the chemicals we put on our bodies? I just don’t know. I do know that the skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it absorbs many of the harmful chemicals we use. I also know that a lot of the ingredients US sunscreens use are not approved for use in European sunscreens. It makes me sad, honestly. I want to do the right thing by using sunscreen, but I don’t want to slather toxic ingredients all over my skin for my body to absorb.  I’ve read enough information about all the chemicals we’re exposed to, to make me try to avoid mainstream sunscreens and their harmful ingredients like oxybenzone and  retinyl palmitate (a form of vitamin A) so I’m really glad there are reputable sunscreen companies out there, like Block Island Organics to provide us with safer sunscreen.


My thoughts about Block Island Organics Sunscreen

Not only am I a freckled red head with a red headed mother and red headed grandfather, but I have two little red headed daughters too. I’m always on the lookout for safe, yet effective, sunscreen. Block Island Organics sent me a couple of their sunscreens to try out and we’ve been only too happy to put them to the test. Here are my thoughts on Block Island Organics:

  • I like that it’s a cream and relatively light weight. It smeared in easier than some other natural sunscreens I’ve tried, but it definitely didn’t smear in as easily as mainstream, chemically laden sunscreens. That’s a trade-off I’m okay with.
  • I like that Block Island Organices are highly ranked by the EWG, and in fact received top product rankings in 2104. I was sent the SPF 15, Non Toxic Mineral Sunscreen and also the SPF 30, Baby Block Non Toxic Mineral Sunscreen for Babies. Both sunscreens rate either 1 or 2 by the EWG – very good rankings.
  • I like that the sunscreen was gentle on our faces and bodies. None of us broke out or had any problems after using Block Island Organic Sunscreens.
  • And finally, I really like that the products are free of oxybenzone and  retinyl palmitate and other harmful chemicals and happy they work!

Block Island Organics Sunscreen – Not just for summer…

Evaluate your sunscreen and source a safer brand if need be

Keep your family safe. I highly recommend that you evaluate sunscreen brand this fall. Plug in your brand to the EWG’s database and see how toxic it is. Change out to a safer sunscreen brand if need be – one like Block Island Organics. Prepare now to keep your family safe during sunny fall days and winter sports by using a safer sunscreen.

Many thanks to Block Island Organics for their awesome products! It’s so important that good companies make safe products for us to use. Please follow them on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram.

If you’d like to try Block Island Organics, now is the perfect time as all of their products are  30% off through October 30, 2014. I’d love to hear your thoughts on sunscreen – what do you use and why?


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As an Amazon Associate Michelle Marine, SimplifyLiveLove, earns from qualifying purchases.