Boosting Immunity with Thieves Oil


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Have you heard of Thieve’s Oil? It’s an essential oil that many friends have recommended to me  and I’ve been researching boosting immunity with Thieves Oil.

Boosting Immunity with Thieves Oil

Thieve’s Oil originated during Bubonic Plaque when  “outbreaks decimated the population of Asia and Europe for the better part of a thousand years. Out of this period emerged a legend of four thieves who were captured and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims. When the thieves were tried, the magistrate offered leniency if they would reveal how they resisted contracting the infection as they performed their gruesome acts. They told of a special concoction of aromatic herbs, including garlic, cloves and rosemary, that they rubbed on themselves before committing their crimes.” You can read more here.

I’m trying really hard to keep my 16 month old healthy as we’re getting ready for her hip dysplasia surgery. She’s prone to colds in the winter and has a snotty little nose right now and a bit of a cough. In fact, last winter she wound up in the hospital with pneumonia. I tell you what, I’ve not had such an unhealthy child before! I’m treading new waters with her.

Here are my efforts at keeping us all healthy:

In addition to eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, I’ve also beefed up my own vitamin intake because I’m still nursing her. I’m taking probiotics, a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and fish oil. I’ve also limited my sugar intake and have starting using Thieve’s Oil. The cheapest I found for the  Thieves Essential Oil by Young Living Essential Oils – 15 ml was on Amazon. So I ordered it and it arrived last week. Following the directions, I diluted a little into lotion and am massaging it on her feet at night. I also added some to our humidifier and have been running that at night as well.

I think everything I’m doing is helping her cough. We’re still working with the runny nose, but I’m encouraged right now by the improvements in her cough. Of course, I’m not a medical professional and I can’t attribute her improvements to anything in particular. I’m just sharing what we’re doing right now in case you’re also looking for ways to boost immunity. I really feel pressure to kick the runny nose and cough so she’s not rejected for surgery.

If you’re curious about Thieve’s Oil, you can read about its Legend here. And here are 33 ways to use it! If you want to buy it, Amazon is the cheapest place I found it online. Here’s that link: Thieves Essential Oil by Young Living Essential Oils – 15 ml.

What do you do to keep your kids healthy? Visit Healthy 2day Wednesdays for more good ideas.

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  1. I have used Thieves for several years now! I love that stuff! I also use Elderberry syrup for colds/flu. That stuff is amazing!

  2. We love Thieves! It helps to feel a little chipper and get over illnesses as well as prevent them. We do 10-day cures of Vitamin C and Echinecea, then 10 days off. Well wishes to your little doll, and the rest of you too!

  3. I diffused thieves oil in my kid’s room last winter and then I rub in on my neck at bedtime (diluted in grapeseed oil). It worked last year. We had our healthiest winter ever. Started it up again a couple weeks ago. I don’t buy straight thieves oil. You can save A LOT of money if you make your own. I buy five different essential oils and mix them together. I have two different recipes–both pretty similar. Let me know if you want them. You will save a lot more money if you buy the separate oils and you won’t go through it as quickly.

    1. That sounds like a great blog post! I’d love the recipe. I did buy a bottle so I’m set for a bit, but I’m always interested in saving money!! 🙂 Let me know if you blog about it!