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Boost Your Blog in 100 Days – Importance of Proofreading #BB100

It’s Part 3 in the #BB100 Grammar Challenge. Yesterday’s post provided a super simple way to distinguish between WHO and WHOM and also gave the assignment for the Grammar Challenge – finding pictures of grammar errors when you’re out and about – please no pictures from blogs. Let’s keep this nice! You can email them to me {[email protected]} or blog about them, in a recap post of what you learned during the grammar series.

Today, we’re going to change it up a bit and I’ll share with you a few of the pictures I’ve collected with grammar mistakes. It’s often a lot easier to spot other people’s mistakes than it is to find our own. See if you can find the errors and leave a comment with what you find!

Importance of Proofreading


it's or its #bb100


principles list #bb100


it's or its #bb100





Some of these errors are explained on my first post – Top 10 Grammar Mistakes Bloggers Make, but not all of them! Let me know what you see. And please, if you have a particular grammar question you’d like me to address, please let me know! I’ll see what I can do to help.

By the way – it’s important to me that no one feel attacked during this series! I sometimes have a dry writing style, and tend to be blunt, so my students say, but I really do want this information to be helpful, and do not in any way, shape or form intend for anyone to feel attacked or belittled. As I said several times in my first post, I find mistakes in my posts ALL. THE. TIME. It’s embarrassing when people point out my typos, but I want to know! Having a good foundation is helpful for avoiding typos, but they still happen. 😀

boost your blog in 100 days #bb100


  1. Ok, let's see if I learned anything. #1-I wonder what part of the banana got lost. Also, someone forgot to spell check. #2-It's a principal thing. #3-Never possessive times two. #4-How bright is the wrong tense? #5-Someone forgot to double. I want to ask did I do good, but I'm not sure if I did well. {cringe} Maybe I'll learn in the next lesson.
  2. #1 Every word is capitalized instead of just the first word in the sentences. bananas not Banana's inconvenience is misspelled #2 Principal's not Principles #3 its and Its instead of it's and It's. It's=It is #4 shone instead of shown #5 preferred instead of prefered I know I make grammatical mistakes all the time. It is so much easier to spot mistakes other people make : ) Proofreading your own writing is harder. You don't see your own mistakes because your brain sees what you intended to write instead of what is actually on the "paper".
  3. I love this series :) I live in the Netherlands now, and English is used a lot here. My Dutch husband is constantly correcting my English, but it's not too bad I suppose as neither one of us are native speakers. Hm. Anyway, there's a lot of billboards, commercials, and signs in English here, sometimes with awkward wording. My in-laws have a container for cereal that is labeled 'Cereals', which sounds weird. I don't have any horror stories of English being butchered here though.

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