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Bulk Shopping & Price-Matching to Stretch Grocery $$

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Well, I’ve done it. I spent the $100 I allocated for February’s groceries (plus another $10). It didn’t take long. But I managed to stretch the grocery dollars quite a bit by shopping in bulk at the Amish store and price-matching. Here’s what I got for $110.

I spent $60 at my favorite Amish bulk food store:blank
Highlights of that trip include 6 dozen Amish eggs, coconut oil, 48 Texas grapefruit, organic raisins, and raw peanuts. Half the stuff’s missing because we’ve been eating it! I think for $60 I got a lot of good food.

Then I went to Walmart to take advantage of some good produce deals:
Price-matching and TWENTY $, got me 20 avocados, 8 lbs of oranges, 5 pineapples and more. Stay tuned to see what I’m doing with 20 avocados and 5 huge pineapples…

Then at the end of the week, I picked up a few more goods for another $30. I saved 37% by price-matching. Cost before price-matching would have been $43.45 – after price-matching, $29.01! I saved $14.44 without using coupons.

And so, I have no more money for groceries in February (at least in Iowa). And that’s ok because we’re getting ready to hit the road in a week. We’ll be busy eating up all the fruit, baking, and making snacks for our long drive to Florida. And I have a different pot of money for groceries at our destination. I’m looking forward to seeing how my grocery dollars compare in another state.

Did you get any good grocery deals this week? How do you stretch your grocery money?

Bulk Shopping & Price-Matching to Stretch Grocery $$

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About Michelle Marine

Michelle Marine is the author of How to Raise Chickens for Meat, a long time green living enthusiast and rural Iowa mom of four. An avid traveler, Michelle has lived on three different continents and has driven all four kids across the entire USA (by herself!). She loves sharing farm-to-table recipes, their family travel adventures, and gardening and homesteading tips on her popular lifestyle blog, SimplifyLiveLove.com.


  1. blankMichele says

    wow! that’s awesome!

    so what size is that tub of coconut oil, how much did it cost and is it a brand? 🙂

    I didn’t make it to stringtown like I planned last week.

    • blankMichelle says

      It’s a gallon of coconut oil – $18.25. Tac-R-Wah Herbs, Millersburg Ohio, Expeller Pressed — Pure Coconut Oil, Naturally Refined. I had to ask for it. It wasn’t on the shelf. Actually, they had a cheaper gallon of coconut oil on the shelf and when I started asking questions (they had no answers), they brought this one out. I did google it, but I didn’t find out much about the brand. Let me know if you find anything out about it. 🙂

      • blankMichele says

        Holy cow!!! $18!
        Years ago, before the kid came along and I first heard about coconut oil, I bought “extra virgin” coconut oil over the internet. $60!!! Next time I’ll go to ST and buy it there. 🙂

  2. blankCara Ivey says

    Wow!! Whatever will you do with 48 Grapefuit? Do your kids eat them too? I can only get the twins to eat grapefruit…. It looks like you got some really great produce deals.
    I saved some money by making my own peanut butter this week!
    I also did my usual store hopping, since 3 are so close to the house it’s no big deal to hit all of them. We only spent $66 on this weeks groceries. After fixing the van we are on a very tight budget the rest of the month. I’m trying to keep it under $70 each week.

    • blankMichelle says

      Cara – we eat them! My 3 older kids love them. If you figure we eat 4-6 grapefruit a day, they will only last us 8-12 days… ! I made some peanut butter too. But I used the raw peanuts and nobody likes it… 🙁

  3. blankLisa says

    Hi, I’ve been reading for a bit now, not sure how I got here -oh maybe from Annika G.’s blog, anyhow, I got to ST grocery, too and wondered about the coconut oil, and what you use it for and how much it was, etc. – thanks, I’m sending my mom there this week so she can bring some stuff to us next weekend. enjoying you blog a lot! Oh also, on the price matching, so you just take the grocery store’s ad to Walmart and show them the prices and they give them to you? I need to be doing that. thanks Lisa

    • blankMichelle says

      Hi Lisa! I’m not sure who Annika G is… but I’m glad you’re reading! The coconut oil was $18.25 for a gallon. I gave more details on Michele’s question. I recently starting using coconut oil because I’ve been reading that it’s a lot healthier than most other oils and can be safely heated, unlike olive oil. I use it for popcorn, baking, sauteing, basically anywhere that I previously would have used olive or canola oil. I have cut canola oil out for good and am leary now about heating olive oil so I stick to olive oil for salad dressings mainly.
      If you price-match at Walmart you don’t even need the ads, but I always take mine just in case. I just tell the cashier that I will be price-matching and then I tell them the cost. They generally believe me and enter without verifying – though they could verify very easily because I have my ads and they have them also behind the counter.

  4. blank[email protected] Cooking in the Florida Heat says

    I appreciate what you’ve accomplished. I prefer to buy in bulk but I refuse to “match price” at any store and here’s my reason why.

    Big box stores like Walmart offer price match but don’t bother to pay money for advertising those items. Smaller stores pay the big bucks for advertising but instead of visiting them, the money they should have made went to Walmart or another big box store. This is one of the reasons that our smaller grocers are going out of business and we innocently facilitated their demise. What do you think they’ll do when the competition is gone? Just something to think about 🙂

    • blankMichelle says

      I here what you’re saying, Susan, and I appreciate your comment. I do try to spread my grocery dollars around and I don’t always price match, but the reality is that this week Aldi was out of the things I most wanted – pineapple and avocados. So I got them at Walmart, right next door. In truth, I shop so much differently than the average American because I don’t buy canned or boxed goods. In the summer I grow most of my own produce, and in the winter I save money by buying lost leaders. Sadly, most of the mom & pop grocery stores are gone from our area already. We have one in our little town, and I love it for the convenience when I run out of milk for instance, but really, their selection is so small that I wouldn’t buy much there anyway.

  5. blankMichele McDermott says

    I didn’t know you shouldn’t heat olive oil. Guess I have to research that! Thanks for all the info!

  6. blankAnnie says

    I’m a little late here, but I wanted to ask, did you get Wal-Mart to price match Aldi? I have never tried. I was under the impression that W-M would only price match on the exact same brand, and since Aldi carries predominantly their own store brands, that W-M would just say no. Fortunately for me, our Aldi is the closest store to my house and they don’t usually run out of things quickly, but knowing if W-M will match them might be useful to me in the future.

    • blankMichelle says

      Hi Annie,
      I have had luck price-matching aldi fruit and veggie prices at Walmart and I’ve also price-matched other store’s generic brands to Walmart’s generic brand. I’ve never tried price-matching specific aldi brands at Walmart, because as you as, it’s supposed to be identical items. 🙂

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