Top 3 Reasons Our Great Pyrenees Loves ButcherBox for Pets

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Here’s our Great Pyrenees Hank’s ButcherBox for Pets Review! Hank was so happy to be a taste tester for ButcherBox for Pet’s new line of premium pet food and treats! Here’s his (and our) take on ButcherBox for Pets – their delicious grain-free dog treats and Premium Nutrition Dog Food.

ButcherBox for Pets review

For full disclosure, ButcherBox for Pets sent us these dog treats for free to try. All opinions are ours. Read to the end of this ButcherBox for Pets review for my link and discount code!

What is ButcherBox for Pets?

In a world where people increasingly prioritize the health and well-being of their pets, there’s huge demand for high-quality pet food. ButcherBox recently entered the pet food arena with a new line of premium pet food and grain-free treats for dogs!

Just as they uphold stringent standards for their food for people, ButcherBox for Pets makes sure that our furry friends receive the same level of care and quality in their meals too.

This includes a commitment to using only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients crafted into balanced recipes to support dogs’ overall health.

You’ve probably heard of ButcherBox (for people) and their high quality meat subscription box. ButcherBox is famous for shipping humanely raised meat directly to consumers, including 100% grass-fed ground beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood. We’ve had their boxes several times and always love the flexible shipments (with free-shipping!).

ButcherBox for Pets’ Mission Statement:

“ButcherBox For Pets is in pursuit of better treatment of animals, farmers, and our planet. We bring this dedication to our beloved pets, ensuring they get nothing but the best – because they deserve it!” 

We love this mission statement and wholeheartedly agree. Animals, farmers, and our planet deserve the best treatment and we are happy to recommend ButcherBox for Pets to you!

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We also love that ButcherBox for Pets is a Certified B Corp. That designation means that a company has met strict criteria for social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Certified B Corps are trusted leaders in the movement toward a more sustainable and equitable economy.

Hank was lucky to get a taste of their treats and he agrees that they are most delicious! If you’re curious about ButcherBox for pets, here are our honest thoughts. 

best grain free dog treats

Best Grain Free Dog Treats & Toppers

Hank’s ButcherBox for Pets Review includes glowing recommendation for BB Good treats. In Hank’s opinion, ButcherBox for Pets makes the best grain free dog treats!

ButcherBox for Pets offers two flavors of grain-free dog treats: Beef & Sweet Potato Jerky Bites and Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky Bites. They also have a Grass Fed Beef Hip & Joint Support and Chicken and Quinoa Recipe Topper.

Hank tried the two types of Jerky Bites and thinks they are scrum-delicious! In fact, his primary trainer, our daughter Sara, says he goes feral for these treats. 🙂

Both types of Jerky Bites are grain free with no corn, soy, wheat, or artificial fillers. If your dog eats a grain-free diet, you will be glad to know that these treats will work for your dog!

Butcherbox for Pets Jerky Bites grain free pet treats

We like them because they are small bites. Hank is a big dog – 100 pounds already and still growing! Since we’re still training him, these small bites are perfect for training. They’re easy to break into even smaller bites so we don’t over-feed him during training sessions. 

By the way, I know it’s silly, but this 100 lb goof prefers to practice his tricks on our trampoline. LOL

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We have not tried the Hip & Joint Support yet because Hank is still growing. I was excited to try the Hip & Joint Support with our older Pyr, Harry, but sadly we lost him the very day we got our package from ButcherBox for Pets.

Butcherbox for Pets premium nutrition dog food

BB for Pets Premium Nutrition Dog Food

If you’re curious about BB dog food, here’s what to know.

ButcherBox’s Premium Nutrition Dog Food is made with organic free-range chicken and nutrient-rich grains including quinoa, millet, and pearled barley. It was developed and tested by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and is tailored for immune and gastrointestinal health.

BB for Pets dog kibble

We love it because:

  • The #1 ingredient is high-quality, free-range organic chicken always raised without antibiotics.
  • It’s dry kibble. We actually prefer to feed our dogs dry kibble for easy storage and measuring. ButcherBox breaks down how they make their kibble if you’re concerned about kibble being inferior dog food for some reason. You can read about it on their website!
  • The price! You can expect to pay anywhere from $1 – $3 per meal depending on the size of your dog. The bigger the dog, the more expensive but that’s true for any food.

If you’re looking for a food that can help boost immunity and overall well-being, help your dog maintain a healthy weight, skin, and coat, try ButcherBox’s Premium Nutrition Dog Food!

Butcherbox for Pets jerky bite dog treats

Hank’s Review of ButcherBox for Pets

I promised you three reasons why Hank loves ButcherBox for Pets and here they are!

  1. Delicious Taste –

In our experience, Great Pyrenees are not food motivated and our pyrs have been picky eaters. That said, it can be hard to find treats that motivate our stubborn pyrs to do what we ask. We were thrilled to discover that Hank actually loves the BB Good dog treats – especially the Beef & Sweet Potato Jerky Bites. It’s fun to see him motivated to sit or shake for a treat when not much motivates him to pay heed to our commands.

  1. Wholesome and Nutritious Ingredients – 

Now, this might be our preference and not Hank’s. While I just said he’s a picky eater, I’ve also seen him hop in with the pig and try to eat the compost. So, we appreciate that the BB Good treats are grain-free and made from smoked and slow cooked whole food ingredients.

  1. Best Grain Free Dog Treats – 

Overall, we think BB Good treats are the best grain free dog treats we’ve tried. They are the only treats that Hank goes nuts over! They make training our stubborn Great Pyrenees a little bit easier, especially when we work with him on the trampoline.

We have been a Great Pyrenees family for more than 10 years. Over the years with this hard working homestead dog breed, we’ve learned a lot about their eating habits, food likes and dislikes, and how important it is to feed our dogs high quality food. ButcherBox for Pets delivers on all counts!

hank on his enormous dog bed

Discount Code for ButcherBox for Pets

We hope you’ll give ButcherBox for Pets a try! Using my link for ButcherBox for Pets with my code SLL50 will get you 50% off your first subscription.

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