Can YOU Find the Error? ~ 5 Minute Grammar Lesson

This newest 5 Minute Grammar Lesson also comes courtesy of my great friend Chantal! This really cracked me up. Can you find the error?

If you’re wondering what book it came out of, let me show you!

Let’s just go ahead and set bad examples for our children right from the very get go, shall we? We don’t need to pretend that anyone can learn this crazy language we call English. It doesn’t really matter because we rarely use this word, right?? 🙂

Many thanks to Chantal for sending this my way. If you find fun errors, don’t forget to email pictures to me: [email protected]

Please leave a comment if you see the error!

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    • I know!! I'm amazed at what sneaks by - don't these publishers have editors? Makes me think I should quit blogging and edit instead! I'm much better at catching other people's mistakes than I am at finding my own sorry typos! ;-)

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