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Sustainable Family Travel Adventures

A question I am often asked is how does travel fit into a sustainable lifestyle? Well, I’m glad you asked! We think travel and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

swimming at Malanaphy Spring Falls Decorah

What better way to protect the environment and empower local communities than through travel! Traveling is learning, experiencing, caring, and sharing. When we learn about an area or people’s struggles, we take empathy and understanding with us, plus a desire to make a difference in the world.

Visit the Civil Rights Memorial Mural on a 2 day Selma Civil Rights Tour

Through travel we gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for other cultures. We take that knowledge back to our own communities and share it with others.

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By spending our dollars at locally owned businesses, we help support small business owners, family farms, and get to experience locally sourced foods and recipes. Eating locally grown food is such a delicious way to get to know an area!

Our goal is to encourage travel with a local and growth mindset, to really get to know a community, and to encourage using travel to lift up and support areas we visit.

Some ways we have used to travel to become more well-rounded, understanding, and knowledgable people include:

Follow along on our multigenerational and family friendly travels throughout our home state Iowa, the Midwest, Europe and beyond as we share our favorite sustainable family travel tips.

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