Cheap Office Supplies

Have you noticed all the cheap school and office supplies stores are advertising right now? Back to School time is a great time of the year to stock up on school supplies and office supplies.

Saving money is obviously very important to me. As self-employed business professionals, I have to buy all of our own office supplies. Keeping costs down is very important – it directly impacts our bottom line!

Cheap Office Supplies

This week, Staples has pretty cheap copy paper after their rebate- $9.99 for a 10 ream case. Our office ran out of paper two weeks ago and I had to pick up one ream at Walmart to tide us over. At right at $3, it was the cheapest they had.

Yesterday, I picked up two boxes of cheap paper at Staples. I had to pay $75 out of pocket, but I’ll get most of that back in the form of Staples Rewards. Staples always has some sort of promotion going on. I’ve found it’s pretty easy to roll my Staples money into other useful office/school supplies to keep costs down. Around Christmas they have free batteries, and I’ve gotten free bankers boxes, envelopes, backpacks, all sorts of useful stuff.

But estimating how much we’ll need until the next big sale is important! And that’s tough, as I found out a couple weeks ago when I had to pay $3 for a ream of paper.

Do you buy office supplies? How do you make sure you get a good deal? This post is linked with Life as Mom and


  1. I do like the deals you can find at Staples. I just wish it was more convenient for me to shop there! Thanks for stopping by today and for linking up to the Frugal Tuesday Tips!
  2. Is it me or the sales getting earlier and earlier? I saw Wal Mart employees setting up the Back to School display in June! I feel like I need to get out there and buy supplies, but I don't even have the list from my kid's school yet.

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