Keep Clean and Finish Summer Bucket Lists #showusyourmess #pmedia

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Keep clean and finish your summer bucket list #showusyourmess #pmedia

With four messy farm kids, keeping clean can be a real challenge — especially in my car. Despite my best intentions of enforcing a no-eating policy in the car, it just isn’t practical. We’re a rural family and on the go a lot, and food and snacks just make most of our trips easier. Because of the messes my kids are famous for making, I have to carry cleaning products in my car or it’s just downright embarrassing for me.

Keep Clean and Finish Summer Bucket Lists #showusyourmess #pmedia I picked up a canister of Wet-Nap wipes and a box of Wet-Nap packets at Walmart to leave in my purse and car earlier in the summer. Strong and soft Wet-Nap wipes enable me to clean sticky fingers and cheeks in the blink of an eye {and they moisturize with aloe, too}. Honestly, there’s not much worse than opening a car door to retrieve a kid and finding a mess in the back of my car. And let me tell you how often THAT happens! {Who me??? I don’t make messes…nope.}

Keep Clean and Finish Summer Bucket Lists #showusyourmess #pmedia

Keep Clean and Finish Summer Bucket Lists

A while back I posted our Summer Bucket List. We’ve been steadily checking items off the list this summer.  One thing I wanted to do but forgot to add to the list was head out of the Wilton Candy Kitchen, listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the oldest ongoing ice cream parlor / soda fountain in the world. It’s been owned by the same family for generations, and I learned the hard way to call first because half the time they’re not even open! Getting out there this summer was pretty important as the owners are in their 80s and 90s I have no idea if they have plans for succession.

Keep Clean and Finish Summer Bucket Lists #showusyourmess #pmedia

The Wilton Candy Kitchen is a pretty neat place and you never know what you may have to do when you go there. We have fun looking around at all the antiques and reading the many signs. Although they weren’t able to make their own soda the day we were there, normally they do. And allegedly Brooke Shields has even enjoyed one of the Candy Kitchen’s famous ice cream sodas at the store as well. On the day we were there, we were put to work carrying in groceries and were even invited to the go behind the counter to have our picture taken. But the best part was the homemade ice cream. My kids really enjoyed their ice cream. And what do you think about messes??? We had the messes covered, too, thanks to Wet-Nap.

Keep Clean and Finish Summer Bucket Lists #showusyourmess #pmedia

 What items are you checking off your Summer Bucket List so far?  Head over to Wet-Nap and grab a coupon {while supplies last} so you can keep your kiddos clean for the photographic proof! Summer’s dwindling!


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  1. That Candy Kitchen looks like a wonderful place to visit! I don’t have much of a bucket list this summer except to slow down and enjoy my kids a little more than during the school year. In that, I have been pretty successful. I, too, always have wipes and snacks in my vehicle even though I have teenagers now.