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Daffodils! Finally!! ~ Garden Update 4/30

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It might be safe to say spring is here! Temps today are supposed to top out in the 80s in Eastern Iowa. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. But the most refreshing sign of spring is arrival of the daffodils!! I planted 45 bulbs last year and they just started blooming. FINALLY! {Unfortunately, it’s supposed to get cooler and rainy again in a couple days…but I’ll take the warm weather and sunshine right now.}daffodilsAfter having been gone for almost a week, my 5 year old and I headed out to our hill to survey the garden.
daffodilsIsn’t she a cutie? Love that kid. We found some great progress in the garden.peasThe peas I transplanted last week are hanging in there! I was honestly surprised and pleased to see that! None of them died. But none of the seeds that I planted a few weeks ago have sprouted – not the peas, the lettuce, spinach, nothing. No sign of potato life yet either.
But the volunteer sunflowers sure are going crazy in my potato patch! I hate the thought of having to take them out of my potato patch. Does anyone know why potatoes and sunflowers are incompatible? I’d really like to leave them there, growing together. But I’d rather have potatoes than sunflowers so if the sunflowers really are going to negatively impact the potatoes, I will get rid of them.

I am heading back out to the garden today or tomorrow to plant more pea seeds. I would love a bumper pea crop. It seems like the ones I get never make it out of the garden to eat, let alone freeze. They are such a nice snack when we’re out there working. But I’d really like to get enough to freeze, too. So, I’ll plant more and see what happens.
garlicThe garlic I planted last year is also looking good! This is the first year I have grown garlic and I’m really excited to watch it grow.
red onionsMore of my red onions and shallots are growing ~ very nice!
irisThe irises a friend gave me last year are staring to grow a lot, too. I can’t remember if they are purple or yellow so I am really excited to see what they do. The iris is one of my most favorite flowers. But I say that about most of them. 😉
gutter salad gardenAnd finally, my gutter salad garden is starting to grow! I planted a mesclun mix and some spinach in the gutter garden my husband made for me last year. Can’t wait to eat some of that delicious lettuce.
gutter salad garden
My seedlings are still looking good. I lost a few while we were gone last week, but the tomatoes and the peppers are hanging in there. I’m glad about that.
Since I’m heading out of town again on Thursday, I probably won’t get much accomplished in my garden. I still {obviously} need to get mulch and work in my asparagus and strawberry beds. I also need to keep planting! I’ll probably buy some broccoli and cauliflower starts since mine aren’t looking that great. It’s time to get that stuff planted.
What’s going on in your garden? I’d love to hear what you’re doing and where you’re from!
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  1. blankmichelle says

    Just got my side garden planted. Don’t any signs of life yet. Hopefully it all comes up. I also planted more peas this year .For the same reasons you did. Mine never make it out of the garden either.

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