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Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Gut Health

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Dog gut health. You might have heard about human gut health, but have you considered your dog’s gut health?

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Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Gut Health

There are several reasons dog owners should think about their dog’s gastrointestinal tract: skin issues, energy level, natural immunity, coat issues for overall health and well being of beloved family pets.

Since your dog’s digestive gut health contributes to her immune system, her energy level, and her skin and coat too it’s definitely something to consider. It’s easier than you might think to improve your dog’s digestive gut health. 

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What are the Benefits of Balancing Dog Gut Health?

Happy, healthy dogs aren’t itchy or lethargic. They have a balanced gut microbiome which in several ways:

  • Supports overall dog immunity
  • Helps with energy level
  • Beautiful, lustrous coats 
  • Can help improve dog skin issues

A healthy dog belly starts with your dog’s diet! Keeping the good bacteria in the intestinal tract and getting the bad bacteria out is key!

We’ve seen the benefits of a healthy diet for our dogs and cats and we’re looking forward to doing even more for our dogs’ digestive systems with Wellness CORE for Digestive Health dog food.

Feeding our dogs nutritious and healthy Wellness canned dog food (Lamb recipe), dry dog food (Whitefish and Brown Rice recipe), and Wellness CORE Bowl Boosters Meal Topper too is one way to ensure our dogs have a healthy belly and a happy life.

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Our Great Pyrenees Dogs’ Skin Issues

We have two Great Pyrenees on our hobby farm: Nora and Harry. They are pets and they also work – keep our livestock safe. Harry and Nora love to be outside, especially in the snow.

Both of our dogs suffer from periodic itchy skin issues. They get hot spots, have hair loss, and dry itchy skin which is distracting and uncomfortable. These dog skin conditions lead to obsessive, excessive licking. 

The wet skin attracts flies which can lead to fly eggs and…well you get the picture. These skin infections definitely affect dogs negatively. 

happy great pyrenees

One of the prettiest features of Great Pyrenees are the dogs’ coats – beautiful, lustrous, fluffy white fur. When our pyrs experience skin problems, they look so sad, uncomfortable, and pathetic. Skin diseases cause all sorts of problems we’d rather avoid.

Food allergies or allergic reactions have been two causes we’ve seen. We know from experience that feeding our dogs a healthy diet helps restore their gut health and makes our dogs happier.

We want the beneficial bacteria in the gut, not the harmful bacteria, and improving our dogs’ digestive health can help make that change.

Our dogs thank us for a healthy GI tract by being silly and playful, ready to work on our farm where they protect our livestock. Itchy skin be gone!

happy great pyrenees in summer

Wellness CORE® for Digestive Health at Chewy

Give your dog a delicious boost of nutrition by feeding her food she will love! It’s easy to help your dog live a happy and healthy life with Wellness CORE® Digestive Health dog food.

I ordered the following products on Chewy and love how easy the ordering process was and how quickly everything was delivered! No driving or searching at the store required!

Wellness CORE® Digestive Health Dry Food –

Common allergens in dog food include corn, wheat, chicken, and beef so we avoid feeding our dogs those ingredients. We tried the CORE Whitefish and Brown Rice recipe and the dogs lick it up. Benefits of the Digestive Healthy Dry food include:

  • Highly digestible
  • Supports a healthy microbiome
  • Supports immunity
  • Promotes vitality, lustrous coat & healthy skin

Wellness CORE® Digestive Health Pate

CORE wellness canned dog food is a favorite of our dogs. Canned dog food has previously been a treat, but they respond so well to this pate, it’s fun feeding it to them. Benefits of the pate include:

  • Highly digestible
  • Supports immunity
  • Promotes vitality, lustrous coat & healthy skin

Wellness CORE® Digestive Health Bowl Boosters

  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Easy way to add pre & probiotics to your dog’s diet
  • Full of protein your dog will love

Not only are the Wellness CORE® food options good for dogs, but our dogs love to eat it! It’s fun to see them get so excited about meal time and feels good to keep our dogs happy and healthy. 

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Click on the link to purchase your own Wellness CORE Digestive Health products of choice in-store or online at Chewy. How do you keep your dog happy and healthy?

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