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  1. I remember spending $50 on our school supplies shopping trip to Walmart last year. I keep thinking "Man, we are screwed when all 4 enter school." Our schools are very specific as well. Latex free eraser caps, pre sharpened pencils, 3 hole pocket folders NO GROMMETS... Really? Grommets are going to be a issue? What really gets to me is that all the supplies are thrown into a big classroom pot, so they are very Brand specific as well. Families aren't given the option of buying a cheaper crayon or glue stick because some other kid will end up using it. It's ridiculous! This year I started shopping early (they sent her new supply list home on the last day of school). I didn't buy my 3 boxes of tissue or my 2 boxes of Ziplock bags unil I found great sales. I got my folders, glue, and notebooks for around $.10 each. I still have 1/2 the list to purchase but am excited to tally up my total and see how much I saved! I have never thought to donate supplies to be honest. I always send extra supplies to school with Ava, just to help make up for anything other children may not have purchased... I'd much rather donate to famlies though, I'd hate to be the Mom that has to be appologetic for not being able to afford the whole list. It must be a horrible feeling! You have inspired this family! I'm going to go check out our donation boxes!
    • Crazy, huh, Cara. $120 would have been really hard for me to come up with a few years ago, and it still hurts! With homeschooling, my kids can share a lot of supplies and I am not brand specific.
  2. I'm surprised you have school registration fees - is she going to a public school? We don't have any fees. But we do have back-to-school supplies. I have to say it irks me a bit to be buying paper towels and ziplock bags for the school when I pay taxes for this and never got any credits for all the homeschool supplies, books, classes etc etc.... Grr...... Our lists aren't too specific in terms of brand names, but we have items like "headphones"... For what? What kind? I have no clue. Argh.....
    • YES - public school and fees. I'll know more when we get over there and register, but I know for sure that they have buy a calendar and some sort of other fee. The joys of declining enrollment, rural schools. And she also has to have a calculator. For THIRD grade. I want to protest that one.
      • Yeah, I wouldn't be happy about calculators either. We don't even have that for 5th. But the 4th and 5th graders do get laptops so I guess there's a calculator there... :-) But your cost of under $30 is pretty good. Our school has kits with all you need (except uniforms and backpacks): Kindergarten Supply Kit = $76.00 First Grade Supply Kit = $71.00 Second Grade Supply Kit = $58.00 Third Grade Supply Kit = $77.00 Fourth Grade Supply Kit = $78.00 Fifth Grade Supply Kit = $63.00 Oh, and the school has multiple fundraisers each year, including an annual jog-a-thon which alone raises $40,000+ for the school. each. year. Can't someone have a jog-a-thon for me? hahaha
        • Wow. Those are some hefty supply kits. Do you have to buy them from the school? My kid made little chocolates today and peddled them to locals. She made $10. Of course when I told her she should pay me back for the supplies, she balked big time! ;-) Maybe we should put her in charge of a fundraiser!
  3. Our "anti-tax" sentiment in this country will result in more and more of this. We middle class taxpayers end up paying no matter what, just in a different manner. Maybe we should have a bake sale or bingo on Friday nights for our local schools as additional ways of financing public education. We would still be paying, but at least we could get some cookies. Who knows? Free public education that made this country great in the 20th century may be turning into a thing of the past. When my children were school age, we only had to send pencils and paper. Everything else was furnished with our tax money. We didn't have tax revolts back then. There was a commercial years ago for some car part. The last line was, "You can pay me now or pay me later." We all will pay. Omi
  4. Wow, what a great deal you had for $26! But yes, it seems to get quite pricey! So hard to imagine someone struggling to make ends meet and having to purchase so much to send their children to school - #BagItForward is such a great cause!
  5. Thank you so much for sharing about your Bag It Forward experience! One thing is clear. The back to school season is the perfect time to think of students in need while back to school shopping! I hope you words and actions inspire many to reach out in their communities!

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