5 Easy, Impactful Earth Day Tips to Benefit Our Planet

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Earth Day is on April 22! To gear up for it, here are easy yet impactful earth day tips you can make to benefit our beautiful world.

Impactful changes don’t have to be hard or expensive. Check out these creative ways to help the Earth.

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From the cleaners we use, to the coral safe sunscreen we wear, to the food we eat, to the clothes we wear (organic cotton t shirts anyone?!), small choices can really add up. What can you do to make a difference this year? If you’re wondering what to do in honor of Earth Day, here are five healthy choices you can easily make this spring! Think of what am impact we could have if everyone made even just one of these changes!

1. Ditch the plastic shopping bags, once and for all!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve said over and over that you will ditch the plastic shopping bags and use reusable bags instead. But then reality hits and you’re at the store with NO bags. This has been my life for too many years. But not any more. Now, I just keep reusable bags everywhere. They’re in my car. In my purse. In my locker next to my coat. AND, it helps that I prefer to shop at stores that don’t provide bags too, like ALDI and Costco.

However, do know that not all reusable bags are created equally. A recent Danish study found that plastic bags are less taxing to produce than cotton bags.

A recent article in Quartz called Your cotton tote is pretty much the worst replacement for a plastic bag claims the best reusable bag might not be what you think.  According to author Zoe Schlanger, “If you had to choose just one, and had nothing at the moment, maybe a really durable plastic bag that you can use for a very long time and not throw out.”

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2. Switch to a Coral Safe Sunscreen

Coral reefs are disappearing twice as fast as rain forests. Did you know that? A big reason for the kill-off is chemicals in sunscreen. It’s easy to switch to a reef safer sunscreen even if you aren’t going anywhere near a coral reef.

You still want a sunscreen without oxybenzone like this Stream 2 Sea or this Alba Spray for KidsEco-friendly mineral sunscreens are also better for you as well, so find a safer sunscreen this year and say no to the harmful chemicals.

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3. Switch out one Chemical Cleaner for Something Homemade

Household cleaners contain all kinds of unsafe ingredients that leach into the ground and our ground water. It’s really easy to make your won cleaners with only a few ingredients like vinegar and baking soda.

Think of the impact we could have if every person made even JUST ONE homemade cleaner in 2018. Here are recipes for five safe and effective cleaners to make quickly at home!

bowl of potatoes, tomatoes, and home grown flowers, broccoli, and cabbage

4. Grow even just ONE tomato plant in a container!

It’s really easy to grow your own food, and you don’t even need a huge garden to do it! This spring, make a commitment to grow something you can eat! Maybe you like fresh herbs, or lettuce. Or maybe a patio tomato container might be for you.

Whatever you decide, grow a vegetable that you like this year and then eat it. 🙂 If you’d like to start a garden this year, check out these tips for gardening for beginners (or anyone who would like to make gardening easier and more productive.

#GoOrganic Water

5. Buy Even ONE Organic Article of Clothing – soft organic cotton t shirts!

By choosing even one organic clothing article (even Organic Cotton t shirts!!) over a non organic counterpart, you can help prevent soil acidification and regenerate life and biodiversity in the soil; help protect farmers and their families from chemical exposure; and  save hundreds of gallons of water.

Learn more about the impact of organic cotton here – BUT all it takes to have a meaningful impact is to switch out ONE conventional cotton t-shirt for an organic cotton t-shirt – like these cute graphic tees by Prana.

Earth Day 2018 is on April 22 is this year. To gear up for it, I'm sharing 5 easy healthy spring choices you can make to have a positive impact on the environment. From the the coral safe sunscreen we wear, to the food we eat, to the clothes we wear (organic cotton t shirts anyone?!), small choices can really add up.
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