Eat from the Pantry Challenge Update ~ Week 2

We’re coming to the end of Week 2 in the No Spend and Eat from the Pantry Challenge – 2 1/2 more weeks in January… My fridge is bare (and clean!) and I’m excited to pick up a few groceries tomorrow.

Last week after I shared my doomed bread on The Frugal Girl’s Food Waste Friday, I thought about how Food Waste Friday and the Eat from the Pantry Challenge really go hand in hand. Decreasing food waste is instrumental in keeping grocery costs down. Trashed food = trashed money. There’s no other way to look at that.

Reading her post motivated me to clean out my fridge {which isn’t that hard when it’s empty} and link up this week again with a picture of the waste I found. And here it is:

Yes, that’s one of the two loaves of cranberry orange bread I should have known better than to put black walnuts in. I got a lot of good tips on that post for ways I might be able to re-purpose the bread into something edible, but in the end, we gave up, and fed it to the squirrels:

They liked the first loaf. {I’m so glad I wasted all that time (and money) in the kitchen to feed the critters.} Maybe now that winter has finally descended on Eastern Iowa, they’ll like the second loaf even better.

I also managed to eat, ahem, feed to the kids, several things from the freezer. And, I am most proud that I finally cooked up the last of the sugar pumpkins from my garden. Yes, I should have had one more, but it’s in my food waste bucket up there because it was soft and shriveled.

Goals in Week 3 – clean out and reorganize my spice cabinet. Clean out and reorganize the cupboards in my little pantry. Finally donate the food I’ve set aside for the food pantry. Make soup with the chicken I have saved in my freezer. And find zero food waste in my fridge.

Linking up: Food Waste Friday

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  1. The hidden food in the fridge is why I love our refrigerator so well. The freezer is on the bottom, so the lowest shelf in the refrigerator is at waist level. We loose significantly less food to the back of the bottom shelf!
  2. ha! I found an unopened tub of plain yogurt in the back of my fridge last week! the expiration date on it was in 2009! But since it was unopened, I decided to open it and see what color it was inside. Turned out to still be pure white, and smelled fine! So I dumped it into some cheese cloth, hung it on my faucet overnight and had yogurt cream cheese the next day, which has been half consumed so far (I use it to dip veggies in). No waste! from 2009! my hubby gets on my case about things that expire. Your waste picture isn't so bad. I've seen worse out of my fridge. I am on a mission to stop wasting too. My fridge needs a good cleaning too, so hoping it's mostly empty soon (though that's hard when I like to have some produce available)
  3. I very much agree with your statement "Trashed food = trashed money". It is my goal to keep waste to a minimum at our house. Though sometimes waste does happen at least then I do try to either compost it our feed it to animals as you did.

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