Family Foto Friday ~ 7/13 ~ When life doesn’t go your way…

How do you stay sane when life isn’t going your way? It’s been a rough week for me with lots of little problems and annoyances. Annoying, yes? Nothing major, just a lot of little things going on that added together can make life not so fun.

So, when a friend invited me to the pool the other day, we dropped everything and ran out of the house. After the pool, we stopped at a convenience store and got ice-cream {I was trying to be a cool Mom…}.

As she put it : 9 kids, 18 pounds of ice cream {cuz you know NO ONE wanted the little ice cream bars…} = No problem. 😉

Here are my kids enjoying their 2 pound ice cream cones! Giving me fresh perspective on enjoying life.

Sometimes I find it best to just forget about the problems and go have fun. Re-group and tackle problems with a fresh perspective. Stalking friends who have been there done that is another great way to get back on track. If all of my friends would pretty please move to Iowa I would appreciate it! 🙂 And if all else fails, get yourself a 2 lb ice cream bar from Casey’s…guaranteed to do the trick!

Happy Friday!! Here’s to a less annoying week next week! Got any advice for pushing thru? I’d love to hear.

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