Family Foto Friday ~ 8/10

Here are some random pictures from our trip to Missouri last week. My two oldest children attended a fine arts camp at the college I teach online classes for. They’ve been going to this camp for two years in a row now and I think it will become a yearly tradition as long as my parents continue to live there. The kids LOVE it!

{Don’t tell my 8 year old, but the 6 year old is really talented!} They both do a wonderful job and have a great time, though. I’m still kicking myself for forgetting all of their lovely creations at my parent’s house. I want to frame these 2 pics!

While the two bigs were busy at camp, the two littles and my mom had fun in our own way!Baby got new shoes! Every kid needs a pair of pink chucks, right? I’m pretty sure this is the first brand-new pair of shoes she’s had. Body casts for 3 1/2 months kind of negate the need for shoes. And we’ve been pretty lucky to find her cute shoes at Goodwill and yard-sales. But there’s just something about these shoes that makes my heart sing. And she’s in love.

And we ate out more than I care to admit. Normally, we’re slaves to the garden this time of year, but since my dad’s garden is mostly dead, we were free! We tried out a new restaurant one day while out Amishing. It was just ok. 😉 But the kids were super cute.

Hope you have a great weekend. Mine will be spent cleaning the basement and picking and canning tomatoes. Hopefully I can sneak in a few batches of pickles. 🙂

Catch you in a couple days!


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  1. What fun photos! I definitely think you need to frame the pictures from your two artists! Love them both! I had to laugh when you said this was probably her first pair of new shoes! :) I was the youngest of four and lived in hand me downs for years!!!! I finally learned how to sew so I could have NEW clothes. :) Thanks for sharing these pics!
    • Wow. The youngest of 4! I still have a hard time believing I have FOUR children... ;-) She gets a few hand-me-downs, but my kids are so hard on their clothes (or maybe I'm terrible at laundry?), most of them go in the trash. But I rarely buy new. Yardsales & Goodwill are my best friends! ;-)

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