Family Foto Friday ~ Look what I saw at Walmart…

I don’t have pictures of my family to share this week…I have something better than that!

Last week when I saw the horrible, grammatically incorrect sign at Walmart, I also saw something seriously funny on the way in! Check it out… And I was the crazy woman whipping out my phone to take a few pictures of it, because I knew you wouldn’t believe me! 🙂

Yeehaw! Y’all – get on your tractor and drive on down to Walmart!

This here’s the Carol Mobile. Carol, this is your ride. 😉

It’s a tractor built for two and it even comes with a luggage box…y’all can park it in any slot you like…

Now I know I live in Iowa, but I have never, ever seen anything like this. It cracked me up! Have you ever seen one of these? I think I have a new GOTTA HAVE IT!!

Nope. Not really, but it would be pretty funny to turn up at Walley-World in this thing, wouldn’t it?

Happy Friday. I hope you all have fun weekend plans to look forward to!

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