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Family Fun Friday ~ Harvesting Corn

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When my husband and I first made the decision to move back to his hometown in 2006, one big draw was to be able to raise farm kids. Dan’s parents are farmers, his grandparents were farmers, and his great-grandparents were farmers. We wanted our kids to be able to experience life on a farm. We currently live in town, but we are pretty close to breaking groung on our own home in the country. We won’t be farmers, per se, but we will be one step closer to the more self-sufficient lifestyle we are working toward. Dan’s parents, though, are still active farmers and our kids “help” them harvest the crops every fall.

A few weeks ago, our kids went out to the fields to help.

While we were waiting for the tractor and combine to get to us, I seized the opportunity and pretty red backdrop to take a few pictures of my kiddos! I love old barns.

My little ham. She’s 2 1/2 now and talking up a storm. This is one opinionated little pipsqueak. She has a definite idea on just about everything.

My husband’s sister drives one tractor and his mother drives the combine. His dad drives the other tractor and they run grain back and forth between the fields and the bins.

Riding in the combine is the most fun because you can see it picking the corn, watch it fill up in the big hopper on the top, and see it dump into the waiting wagon.

This is the view from inside the combine! It’s a bumpy, slow ride, but it’s still a lot of fun. Sometimes we see foxes and rabbits and other animals. The kids really enjoy riding in the combine and so do I.

And this is the corn dumping into the wagon. They dump on the fly – that means the combine is still picking and the tractor and combine keep driving. It’s a little tricky sometimes, as both machines need to move at a constant rate and on a constant path.

Harvest is always an exciting time around here. I have really conflicted feelings about commercial farming, GMOs, and Monsanto. Actually, I’m not really conflicted. I don’t like it at all. And I really wish GMOs would finally be labeled, but that’s not what this blog post is about {Although if you’re reading from California, I hope you will vote YES on Prop 37 next week}. Harvest is still an exciting time and I’m really glad my kids get to participate in it with their grandparents and extended family members. Harvest is over already for this year. Everyone is excited about doing it again next year.

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