Family Fun ~ Taste Test Night #1


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Family fun with a  FAMILY TASTE TEST It’s not easy being a work at home family. Our work is never done…there’s always something we should be doing…and we’re often not focused on enjoying life as we work to keep the bills paid. I have decided that we cannot be workaholics all the time. There must be some fun in our lives too. We need to do something to help our children {and us} enjoy life a little more!

This year, I am focused on having some FAMILY FUN.

We work hard and we should enjoy ourselves more. One of my great friends mentioned a while back on facebook that her family has a weekly taste test. AHA! I thought. A weekly taste test! How fun would that be? It struck me as a great way to introduce a bit more variety in our diets, and as a great way to get a couple of picky {ahem} kiddos to try more food.

So Family Fun ~ Taste Test Night was born last week.

family taste test

I took my three youngest kiddos to the grocery store and told them we were going to try three new and exotic fruits. Ben was really thrilled at being able to pick out the three fruits he most wanted to try and he chose a papaya, a hairy lychee, and a pepino melon.

We took them home and looked at them for a while. In addition to being fun just trying them, they also ended up being a nice home school lesson, too. We had to figure out where they grow and how. We looked at an atlas to see the different continents and countries ~ the pepino melon we got was from Ecuador, but it looks like something we could grow in our garden here in Eastern Iowa; the papaya is from a more tropical climate and grows on a type of palm tree – we had a papaya tree in our yard when we lived in Japan; the hairy lychee also grows on trees in the tropical climates of South East Asia. We had fun learning a little about the fruits, and then we put them to the taste test.


And the verdict…{drum roll please}

Two votes for Hairy Lychee ~ which I thought was the weirdest fruit we had. Its shell resembles a chestnut and the fruit itself reminded me of an eyeball…but the kids thought was sweet and said it reminded them of a cross between a grape and watermelon. ?? I’m not sure. I couldn’t get past the super squishy texture.

Two votes for the Papaya ~ which I’ve had before and didn’t really like either… 😉

The pepino melon tasted like it wasn’t quite ripe. It wasn’t very sweet and didn’t taste really fruity – something like an unripe honeydew melon. It’s possible it’s not meant to be a fruit. We looked it up and it is described as a cross between a honeydew and a cucumber.

The main lesson from this fun family event was that everyone had fun. Everyone tried everything, including my picky eaters, and no one griped about having to try it all. We already have a fun idea for next week’s taste test and I will be sure to share how it goes as well.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some good ole family fun and wouldn’t mind getting picky kiddos to try more foods, I highly recommend instituting a FAMILY TASTE TEST! If you do, let me know how it goes!

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  1. Looks like they had fun! We don’t so it every week, but we have tried starfruit, papaya, plantains, passionfruit, purple and yellow carrots, purple potatoes, fresh coconut, and persimmon that I can remember… there weren’t many that we just thought “wow” about, but they weren’t too bad either. Good to experiment though! 🙂

    1. We’ve had a few of the things you mention here, Rachel! And plantains…might see that next week!;-) Plus, it will give me a chance to focus on very simple blog food photos. With good, natural light. If the sun will ever shine again in Eastern Iowa.