My Favorite Natural Products from Expo West 2018

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Favorite Natural Products from Expo West 2018

Earlier this year I traveled to California to attend Expo West 2018. It was the first time I’ve been and I had a great time learning about new trends in the natural food world. I met so many amazing brands and saw so many cool new products, that I thought I’d share a list of my favorite natural products from Expo West with you!

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My Favorite Natural Products from Expo West 2018

If you haven’t heard of Expo West before, prepare to be amazed. With over 85,000 people in attendance in 2018, this huge trade show is am amazing testimony to how far the natural living industry has come in recent years. Brands, retailers, PR firms, and influencers come together at Expo West every year to learn about and display new, up and coming, and trending products in the natural, organic and healthy products space. Here are a few of brands I was very excited to learn more about at Expo West this year!

My Favorite Natural Food Products

Debee's Organics freezer bars

Deebee’s Organic Superfruit Freezer Bars

I was so excited to see these! Made with 100% real fruit juice, these superfruit freezies are a great alternative to the unhealthy version – you know what I’m talking about. I brought home samples of Deebee’s for my kids and they loved them! I have made my own 100% fruit juice Popsicles before, but these are so quick and convenient. I’m a fan! Available at Whole Foods and some HyVees and they may be coming to Amazon soon too.



mexican cold brew coffee from chameleon cold brew

This was seriously the best non-dairy ice cream I’ve had. Made with creamy fruit and nut butters with wonderful mix-ins, it was seriously delicious. My eldest daughter has a dairy sensitivity so I was excited to check out Sorbabes which happens to be made in le Mars, Iowa. Unfortunately, it’s not available for purchase here yet, but if you’re in New York or New Jersey, you need to find this stuff!Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is another product I had never tried before Expo West. I’m not sure why! Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee is fabulous and lower in acid than the traditional hot brew coffee. Their Mexican Organic Cold-Brew Coffee with Dairy (think cold coffee with cream and cinnamon) is to die for! This company is based out of Austin and you can buy their products at Target, New Pi Coop, Natural Grocers, and Lucky’s Market in Iowa and a lot of other retailers around the country.

Peatos - healthier alternative to cheetos


Peatos are healthier alternatives to Cheetos made with pea pulses. They’re a plant-based source of both protein and fiber that are full of phytonutrients and are really quite tasty. I really enjoyed learning the story behind the creation of Peatos which originated because of a first generation American’s summers in India. I tried three varities of Peatos: Masala, Fiery Hot, and Original. My favorite was the fiery hot, and even my family approves of this healthier snack option. You can buy Peatos online at Amazon, and they’re also available in the produce section of some grocery stores too.

Kodiak Flapjack and Pancake mix

Kodiak Cakes FlapJack & Waffle Mix

My sister told me about Kodiak Cakes this summer when we were in Seattle, but I hadn’t tried the brand until Expo West. You can buy Kodiak Cakes FlapJack / Waffle mix at Costco and many other retailers including Target. You can also order it online at Amazon too. I loved the family story behind this brand from Utah, and my family actually approved the pancakes we made with the mix which is saying a lot. They do not normally like mixes and whole grain too? But truly, everyone in my family approves of Kodiak Cakes.

Kite Hill & Ozery Bakery Lavash

Kite Hill

One big trend in the natural food space this year is plant based. There were so many plant based products at Expo West. Admittedly, I was a little hesitant to try some of them, but everything I tried was really good! Another one of my favorite plant based brands is Kite Hill. Their artisan almond milk products are fabulous! My favorite was the Truffle, Dill, & Chive spread, which tastes a lot like a cream cheese. YUM! You can find Kite Hill at HyVee and Whole Foods in Iowa, and a lot of other stores around the country.

Ozery Bakery

Ozery Bakery also sells many products at Costco. I enjoyed trying a few of their whole grain, non-gmo bakery products like the Morning Rounds and Lavash flatbreads! Really delicious with the Kite Hill spreads. I will be keeping an eye out for the Lavash when they hit the market later this year.

My Favorite Natural Cleaning & Personal Care Products

chicobag snack time

ChicoBag Snack Time Reusable Sandwich Bags

Guys – these are amazing! They’re big enough for a large sandwich and they’re dishwasher and washing machine safe too! If you send your kid to school with lunch, you need a few of these sandwich bags on hand! Order them on Amazon and quit throwing away plastic bags. I brought home a 3 pack from Expo West and we really, really love them.

bee's wrap

Bee’s Wrap

I started using BeeWrap just this year after I asked on facebook for small must-have kitchen gadgets. BeeWrap is an amazing cloth that takes the place of plastic wrap. Like the chicobags, it’s a great way to reduce your use of plastics at home. BeeWrap came out with some cute new patterns this year that they showed off at Expo West. If you don’t currently use it, I recommend that you give Bee’s Wrap a try!

GENEXA one of my favorite natural products at expo west 2018


I actually learned about Genexa at Shiftcon, but was very excited to meet up with them at Expo West again too. Genexa makes a homeopathic medicine that’s great for kids and adults alike. My feet were so tired from walking miles at Expo West that they gave me their Arnicare product to try out, and it really helped me feet! We also used their natural sleep aid SLEEPOLOGY on our recent overnight Amtrak to Colorado, and it helped too. Genexa’s healthier medicines include NO parabens or synthetic fillers, NO artificial preservatives., and they’re Non-GMO too.



Another great product I learned about at Expo West is Curoxen. If you’re using antibiotic ointment on your kids, you might want to up your game and switch to Curoxen, an all natural and organic first aid ointment that Nelson Laboratories claims kills five times more bacteria than other ointments. You’ll want to learn more about Curoxen for sure.

wedderspoon manuka honey

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey

We’ve been using Manuka honey for years as a medicinal honey because its healing properties just can’t be beat. So I was thrilled to meet with Wedderspoon and learn about more of their Manuka Honey products! Not only do they have a full line of raw Manuka honey, but this year they’re coming out with new line of body care products that you will be excited to learn about! I also really liked their Manuka Honey on the go packets! Perfect to take along in your travel first aid kit.

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