February Meal Plan

It’s been such a crazy couple of weeks. Between the blizzard and the move, things have been just a little hectic around here. Combine those two things with no pre-made meals in my freezer, thanks to my Eat from the Freezer/Pantry Challenge, and meals have been a little sketchy lately.

February Meal Plan

I finally sat down to get a handle on meals for the rest of the month and here’s what I came up with

February Meal Plan

Feb 13 – Shredded pork burritos on homemade tortillas, guacamole, beans
Feb 14 – Steak, twice bakes potatoes, cauliflower & salad, special Valentine’s dessert
Feb 15 – Chicken Florentine crockpot lasagna, crusty bread, salad
Feb 16 – Fried potatoes & ham, glazed carrots, cauliflower
Feb 17 – Beans & ham, homemade cornbread
Feb 18 – Bean burritos, Mexican fried rice
Feb 19 – mini vacay to Ikea…
Feb 20 – meals out
Feb 21 – BBQ pork sandwiches, potato salad
Feb 22 – Beef & barley soup, crusty bread, salad
Feb 23 – Cheese Quesadillas, Mexican corn & black bean salad
Feb 24 – Homemade Pizza & salad
Feb 25 – Crockpot chicken, rice & gravy, veggies
Feb 27 – Spaghetti with red sauce
Feb 28 – Pork roast, mashed potato, veggies

Since my freezer’s pretty empty of quick meal components, I will be doing a version of freezer cooking. I plan to make scone and muffin packets, beans, tortilla dough, and I’m going to try my hand at freezer mashed potatoes in a couple of weeks too.

So, I need a good idea for a special Valentine’s dessert tomorrow. Any ideas? 🙂

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  1. My sweet husband surprised me with dinner out and arranged for his mom to babysit.. a fun treat!

    Here's my batch cooking and dinner plan for the next week: http://www.livingwiththreeboys.com/2011/02/batch-cooking.html

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