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We arrived in Florida on Tuesday afternoon. The drive was really not bad, all things considered. The kids did a great job! I’m so proud.

The weather is delightful – 80s and sunny. I think I’ll stay here until spring. It’s too cold for me in Iowa right now, but it’ll be too hot here soon. I know. I am never satisfied… But 80 degrees right now is just about perfect!

The downside, though, is the pool is only a balmy 60 degrees. That might sound warm to Midwesterners (it did to me before today)…but trust me, it’s C.O.L.D. Lucky for us, our friends are really benevolent and are heating their spa. Otherwise, I would not get in the water. The kids, though, are swimming. They could care less about 60 degrees, blue lips, and c-c-c-cold water. Except Sara. She didn’t think too highly of the cold pool water, preferring instead to hang in the hot tub.

The most interesting part of this trip so far is the age spread of the kids. We have almost every age represented from 9 on down: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 21 months, 7 months. Makes for a fun time!

I hope you enjoy my vacation blog edition. We have some fun activities planned for the next week and I hope to get lots of fun pictures to share. I’ll be back to regular programming at the end of February! 🙂


  1. Okay, as a Floridian, I am SHOCKED that we have our crooked Governer's name under the sign welcoming people to our state. What an ego trip! Is that supposed to be a warning at the border? Andrew P.S. Heating the spa is no problem whatsoever! ;)
  2. Iowa is colder this week than its been all winter. You have great timing. Stay as long as you can! (I wasn't going to mention the sign, but it surprised me, too. Taxpayers' dollars at work.)

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