Food Waste Friday 3/9 ~ Monetary Cost

It’s Food Waste Friday time! I was determined this week to have zero food waste because we all know that wasted food equals money down the drain. Last week, despite only having been home from vacation for less than a week, I already accrued some food waste.

This week, I’m happy so far to report less waste. My food waste consists of:

  • 1/2 cup spoiled milk
  • 3/4 package fresh parsely
  • and 1/2 a kiwi- my 22 month old opened the fridge, took out a kiwi and smashed it with her hands. Normally I would have thrown it in the compost. But in the spirit of FWF, I decided to see what I could salvage. Here’s what she left me:

I got out my sharp knife and added what I could to a smoothie. Smashed doesn’t much matter in a smoothie, eh?

Today I’m putting a dollar amount on my food waste. Here goes:

  • milk ~ .50 cents
  • parsley ~ .75 cents
  • 1/2 kiwi ~ .10 cents

Grand total cost of wasted food: $1.35

That’s not bad, but it SHOULD BE

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    • I've tried kiwi peels - don't think they taste that good. Do you vitamix them? Wasted money is wasted money. I'd rather buy something than throw it away! :-)
  1. Last week I figured out about how much $ I wasted in food and I came up with over $5! This week it was probably around $3. I'm going to clean out my fridge today, so I can hopefully not wast ANY food next week!
    • This week's total was pretty low. I'm sure I normally waste between $3 -5. It doesn't sound like that much on a weekly basis, but for the year, it adds up!
  2. I freeze everything I can now. If I think it's going to be in the fridge for more than a day and I can get away with freezing it, I can. You can bake with turned milk as long as it's not clumpy. That's all that sour cream and buttermilk are. If it's too funky, you can add a splash of vinegar, make a buttermilk substitute and make scones or pancakes.
  3. I think, you had a great week! But it really gives you a different perspective on your food waste when you put a monetary value on it. I've been doing it from the beginning of the year, and so far I've "wasted" $27.18...Sigh...By the way, I don't know the stage of your spoiled milk but when it just turns sour, you can use it in pancakes (like buttermilk).
  4. I wish we were able to waste so little food! We have been sick for over a week and I am having the hardest time getting around to cooking all the veggies we have in the fridge before they go bad. I need to freeze them at least. Thanks for the motivation, hopefully it gets my off my butt before the rest of my produce goes bad lol.
  5. Michelle, I clicked here from Life as Mom, and love what you are saying! I am the worst when it comes to food waste! I buy this stuff at Aldi or somewhere on sale, thinking I'm getting a bargain, but what bargain, if I let it spoil? Thanks for keeping me accountable and not throw out money!! Blessings from Bama!
    • Thanks for your comment! While I'm very happy with only $1.35 food waste from this week, adding it up (and thinking about it in terms of something I would like to buy) was eye-opening for me! Hope we both have less waste next week.
  6. I feel ya on the monetary cost. I only had a few wasted items this past week, and they were all very minimal in cost. Hate wasting expensive things though. My hubs does remind me though that even a little waste each week, while it is money thrown away, still ends up costing less than buying prepared foods or eating out.
  7. I love how you put a $ cost on your food waste. I am about to have to throw out a 1/2 gallon of milk that I bought specifically to make yogurt and have not gotten around to. So sad. Next time I won't buy it at all unless I am sure I will make yogurt right away. It was on a whim that I purchased it. It is whole milk that we don't normally drink and I could have used it in so many baked goods before now. Ugh!

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