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Food Waste Friday 4-6

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It’s Food Waste Friday time! Here’s how I did:

I would not have wasted the sauteed mushrooms, but I didn’t like them. I know, I know. I love sauteed mushrooms and I made these as topping for a delicious grilled steak. However, usually I saute mushrooms in butter and this time I used a pretty strong flavored coconut oil which did not go nicely with the mushrooms. Live and learn. Next time, I’ll use butter {which is on sale at Hy-Vee this week for $1.58 a POUND – THE lowest price I have seen butter- ever in the TWO years I’ve been closely watching prices. Rest assured, I’m stocking up – even with a 2 pack per visit limit.}

Okay – so I’m not ready to call the onion a total loss. I’m going to plant it in my garden and see how it grows. I’ll let you know… 😉

And I wasted one more thing I did not get a picture of – 1/2 a jar of home-canned salsa that we also didn’t like that much. I’ve been cooking with it to use it up, but this stuff sat in the fridge too long and smelled off – so in the compost it went.

And oh

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  1. Our butter has been on sale this week too - 3/$5 which is like $1.66/lb or something, so every time I've gone to the store, I've picked some up. My husband thinks I have a problem and asked me "Do you think you've got enough butter in there?" lol. I've planted onion before when it was at that stage. Pretty fun experiment. It looked like a jumbo chive with a white flower instead of purple. Not too bad waste wise for you though. I wouldn't have counted the chicken bones against you. ;)

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