Food Waste Friday ~ 1/18 ~ Frozen Potatoes & Prepping for Vacation


Frozen Potatoes

We almost had a hard week this week with food waste, but I got really lucky. I accidentally let almost 20 pounds of organic potatoes FREEZE on my enclosed front porch over the weekend. The last thing I wanted to do was throw those potatoes out, so I started googling.


You can read the whole story here, but I ended up making a TON of mashed potatoes and then used those mashed potatoes to make bread. Let me tell, mashed potatoes made out of previously frozen potatoes do NOT taste that great. But BREAD made out of those same mashed potatoes is WONDERUL. The recipe is here. The bread is THAT good. If you ever have left over mashed potatoes {or let potatoes freeze like I did}, make BREAD!

In addition to the bread {I made 13 loaves but only have 10 left…}, I also froze the extra mashed potatoes. I have 4 baggies of 3 1/2 cup portions of mashed potatoes in my freezer for MORE potato bread, and a bag of the potato water, too. I’m pretty happy that I was able to rescue those dang potatoes.

We did find ONE lone, shriveled kiwi in my daughter’s room. No, they’re not allowed to have food in their rooms. I have no idea what it was doing there…but that’s all I wasted last week.

And, Prepping for Vacation

We’re getting ready to hit the road this weekend. My husband is off the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas and the kids and I are taking a 15-hour road trip to New York. I might just be crazy for attempting such a long car ride {alone} with 4 children, but I think it will be a lot of fun. I don’t want to waste any food while we’re gone though, so I’m taking a few steps to minimize food waste!

First, I am finally going to get my fridge cleaned out before we leave. I’m finished cooking this week. Instead, we will make sure to eat up all the leftovers. If I have any leftovers we don’t eat, I have a plan:

  • Milk will be frozen for soups
  • Left-over cooked veggies will also be frozen for soups
  • Bread will be frozen or turned into bread crumbs
  • Sandwich meats and cheeses will be packed for the trip
  • Raw fruits & veggies will also be packed for the trip
  • I will double check my front porch to make sure I haven’t hidden any more food away out there… LOL!
  • A nice clean, empty fridge will be waiting for me to fill up when we get back!

That’s how I did with food waste this week. How’d you do?

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  1. Nice save with the potatoes! I may try to make some of that potato bread before you get here! Leave a grocery list for your DH so he can have the fridge stocked (and dinner on the table of course) when you get home with the kids. ;-) Safe travels!
  2. I thought I was just doing well by baking some of my 10 lbs of potatoes for our lunches this week. I often get suckered into buying a big bag because it's such a great deal, but then I only use half the bag. I'll have to bookmark this page so I can find the recipe again. Thanks for the idea.
    • Thanks for commenting, Julie. I don't often waste potatoes - so many great ways to eat them. Baked, fried, mashed, hash browns, roasted, in soups & stews. YUM!! Hope you come back. :-)
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