Food Waste Friday

I had a good week, food waste wise. Yay!

That nasty lemon was hiding in my fridge. That’s it! I almost wasted a container of whipping cream – for some reason it wouldn’t whip up correctly. I’ve never had a problem whipping cream before so I’m not sure what the problem was. Usually I buy the teeny pints though, and this time I grabbed a bigger container for our TCBY Frozen Yogurt Party. It was near its expiration date which I didn’t realize until later – maybe that was the problem? To save it though, I sacrificed and put the un-whipped cream in my coffee. All in the name of waste not want not, right? 🙂

I did also waste a little food some friends sent home from a party. Re-heated party food just doesn’t take that good, honestly. I’m not counting that though, because it was not my food…

Even my husband got in on the waste not want not this week:

For the record, he is not a Bud Light kind of guy, not does he ever drink those 40s. My husband is the quintessential beer snob. He delights in Micro Brews and has a kegorater where he keeps high quality, local beer on tap. So, I was shocked to see him drinking this beer that a friend brought him after it languished in the fridge and got stale. I was so surprised he didn’t throw it out so I had to get a picture.

And that’s it! How was your week?

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  1. Stale beer is really good for your hair, if you use it as a conditioning rinse. My boyfriend's a beer snob too, and that's what I end up doing with bottles he doesn't like since there's so few beers I'll drink either.
  2. One, measly lemon? Ever get "stuck" with Eagle Brand for your coffee? I relish those occasions. I totally feel for anyone forced to drink cheap beer, but sometimes the microbrews put out bad stuff, too. That's where five-packs come from. Now I am the only soul in the house who can have real beer since my husband had that mini-stroke. My in-laws like Busch Lite. *gag* When they visit we buy some for the fridge and I ply them with it so I am not stuck with it after they leave. The best use for bad beer I have found is to chuck it into a crock pot with venison. I had a food waste moment this week, and I thought of your blog. I was making bread. Kneading away... it felt funny under my hands. I looked behind me on the counter and noticed that I had forgotten to add the yeast. My happy ball of dough had 4 cups of milk, 17 cups of flour-wheat and white, 2/3 of a cup of olive oil, 1/2 a cup of sugar... Instead of tossing it, which was my first instinct, I let the dough "cure" and a sort of flatbread out of them, rolling and cooking them on a cast iron pan like tortillas. A lot of tortillas.
  3. Just in case your husband ever gets stuck with bad state beer again, you can always dilute it with water and use it for plant fertilizer. Sometimes my husband doesn't finish a beer (even the microbrewed ones) so I use the leftover with rinse water from the bottle to water my house plants. Beware however - too much of a good thing and your house smells like stale beer! :)

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