Fresh Coconut!

My hams…

Our dessert tonight was fresh coconut!

The grocery store had them 3 for $2 (67 cents each) today and A wanted to buy one. She’s been bugging me for a while so today I said yes. What the heck, right?

Can’t really go wrong with 67 cents, and I while I really can’t stand the dried coconut flakes, I LOVE fresh coconut.

Fresh coconut brings back really great memories from my childhood. I spent 8 years as a child Germany and we used to get fresh coconut at their Fests. The “carnies” (a completely different breed from American carnies) sold pieces of fresh coconut much like American carnies sell fried snickers and corndogs. For 1 Deutsch Mark (about 50 cents when I lived there) I could get a nice piece of fresh coconut to enjoy.

I loved German Fests. The rides were fun, the food was fun, the games were fun. My parents would “pay” my sister and I each 20 Marks to go enjoy ourselves while they sat with their friends in the beer tent. We had a blast – 20 Marks was a veritable fortune to a 10 year old and I always bought the coconut… As a parent of 4 now, I can understand how nice it must have been for my parents to sit in the beer tent without their kiddos underfoot – well worth the $20 they used to bribe their 2 kids! 😉

Years later, my husband and I visited Thailand together. Thai people sold the whole green coconut in the streets with straws so you could drink the coconut juice. Just let me say – coconut juice is nowhere near as good as the meat (in my opinion). I was pretty sure my kids would not like it, but I wanted them to try.

So, tonight we made a big production of this 67 cent coconut. First, B found a big screw and got the hammer. My hubs drilled three holes and inserted three straws:

 We got everyone together to try the juice. I wanted them to all try it at the same time, because I knew once one of them said EWWWW GROSSSSSSSS that would be the end!

And, I was right. The coconut juice was not hit. 🙂

I thought they might actually like the meat, though. So, here’s what we did next:

 Carefully used the hammer to break open the coconut.

 Pounded on the coconut shell in the sink to break it up into smaller pieces.

 Loosed the meat off the shell using a butter knife as a lever – great homeschooling lesson there!

Enjoyed. Well, I enjoyed. No one else liked it. So, now I have an entire coconut to enjoy by myself. Anyone know how many calories are in an entire coconut?! 😉

Have you ever had fresh coconut? Do you like it? If you’ve never tried, I recommend that you find yourself a 67 cent coconut and give it a shot! It’s mighty tasty and an awful lot of fun.

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  1. Have to say that my closest encounter with coconut has been an Almond Joy bar, which I loved. Sounds like coconut is a new dessert adventure we should try.

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