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Fried Apples-n-Onions

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The kids and I are reading Farmer Boy right now. I’ve read the entire Little House on the Prairie Series several times and always love the books. I’m delighted to learn that my kids really enjoy them, too. Farmer Boy is a wonderful story but it always makes me hungry! There are so many delicious sounding, 100% natural, 100% homemade foods that Laura Ingalls Wilder describes with such enthusiasm – my stomach growls every time I read from it.

Since I currently cook most of our food from scratch, I can really appreciate the time it must have taken Almonzo’s mother to put homemade meals on the table for her large family. And I have all the modern conveniences: electric stove, dishwasher, grain mill…all them operate at the touch of a button. I don’t have to churn my own butter, make my own cheese, or milk (and slaughter) a cow, like they had to back then.

One of the recipes that Almonzo eats in Farmer Boy is Fried Apples-n-Onions. I happen to have a ton of apples and onions, so we made them yesterday for lunch. While I thought it was delicious, my pickier kid eaters weren’t that impressed. I really recommend though. It was super easy and very tasty! I found this recipe on online and made modifications as recommended in the comments. I love reading through comments on recipes. Sometimes they make me laugh, but sometimes they are really helpful, as they were in this case.

Fried Apples-n-Onions

2-3 TBS butter (bacon grease, if you have it)
6 sliced apples
6 sliced onions
3 TBS brown sugar

Melt the butter in your pan. Saute the onions in the butter until caramelized (10-15 minutes). Add the apple slices and brown sugar and cook about 5 minutes, until they are tender. I cooked these in my cast iron skillet! Next time I’d like to try it with bacon grease and a tarter apple. I have yellow delicious on hand right now, but I think a nice Granny Smith would probably be even better, or perhaps I should not have added the sugar. My only complaint was that it was a bit too sweet.

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  1. blankregina says

    hi michelle
    i like also reading the books of laura ingalls wilder.the farmer boy is very interesting,
    ich frage mich auch immer,wie haben die menschen das alles fr

  2. blanklynn says

    I’m also reading Farmer Boy right now, and when I didn’t find any apples ‘n onions recipes in any of my cookbooks, decided to look on line. Which brought me to the recipe you mentioned, and to your site! Hope to make this dish tomorrow — we also have lots of apples on the tree and plenty of onions we harvested this year. Thanks for the yummy looking picture — it made me decide this is definitely one I want to try 🙂

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