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Fried Potatoes and Ham Recipe – A Family Favorite

Fried Potatoes and Ham, one of my favorite recipes from my childhood. This recipe is the perfect way to use up leftover ham!
fried potatoes and ham

One of my favorite things about Christmas is left-over ham. (I’d probably try to steal my mother’s ham-bone if I could get away with it to make bean soup – but she’s already done that, darn it!) Call me crazy…I can take it! 😉 I can think of at least a half dozen ways to use up leftover ham, all of which I love, and leftovers that I can re-purpose into something else make my day! I’ll share some ways to use left-over ham as I make more dishes, but my absolute favorite is Fried Potatoes and Ham.

Fried Potatoes and Ham Recipe – A Family Favorite

Here’s how to make it:

Thinly slice up a bunch of potatoes. When you think you have enough, slice up two more! 🙂

Add to the potatoes a bunch of sliced onions and pressed garlic. Again, add more garlic than you think! It’s good for you, and it makes this dish sooooo tasty.

fried potatoes and ham

Fry everything in oil. When the potatoes are about finished (and make sure you get some nice and crispy) add in a bunch of leftover ham. Salt and pepper to taste.

bowl of leftover ham for fried potatoes and ham



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  1. I LOVE ham!! I love using it for breakfast casseroles. I'll eat those casseroles for dinner too! I'm trying to really enjoy my last few days of this kind of eating before Jon and I begin our Cleanse... Hopefully we'll get back to our old way of eating... SUPER HEALTHY!! I bet this dish would be good with sweet potatoes too... Ham is just darn good with ANYTHING!! I just began posting about our cleanse plan and will keep up with our experience once it starts... Wish us luck!!
  2. My husband and I brought half a ham home (bone included!) from Christmas. My mother-in-law doesn't eat ham, so I didn't have to fight her over it! I'll probably make split pea soup or red beans and rice with the ham bone--I haven't decided yet. Your Fried Potatoes and Ham looks delicious!

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