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I admit it. I still have some Teflon pans hanging in my kitchen. I rarely use them anymore, but it’s taken me a

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    • Hi Sara, I posted your comment. I read about the Consumer Reports review and it's information that my readers might want to know about to form their own opinions. Thanks for your comment. I'm still sticking with cast iron, though! ;-)
  1. Love the pot rack! As a wedding gift we received a Calphalon set-very heavy, heat resistant handles. They have held up well, but not my favorite. I was wondering how the Lodge brand cast iron was. I am sort of waiting to be given my MIL's set of cast iron when she is done with it. It is the good old stuff, and I am having a difficult time being patient enough to waitfor it! I have almost broken down several times and purchased the small size Lodge for frying eggs. :)
    • Thanks, Kaye! I love it too. That picture is actually from my old house. In this "new" one, it's up so high I have to get on a step-stool to get my stock pots off the top... ;-) Not so convenient!
  2. Maybe you need a large cast iron griddle -- one that covers two burners:) For our wedding we (I!) rec'd an All-Clad stainless steel stock pot -- it is my go to pot! On the pricey side, but I think safe and versatile. I still have one or two little teflon pans - but once they start to peel, they are outta here! I need to use our cast iron skillet more...thanks for the post!
  3. I would hope that I can take a teeny tiny bit of credit for the Lodge recommendation! I swear by their cast iron. And they make more than skillets. I used to have their "cornstick" pan to make individual corn breads. But it was "lost" in one of our last moves. Evidently the movers know the value of Lodge too! Now that we have no place to BBQ I think I'm going to have to invest in their reversible griddle. They really do make great products. I've started to replace a lot of my Analon non-stick pans with All Clad, and got a fantastic deal last year on a set. You just have to keep your eyes peeled. I also put on my Amazon Wish List a big Le Creuset pot and what do you know? My Dad sent it to me for Christmas. I personally think that Le Creuset and All Clad are AWESOME Christmas presents!
  4. I have been trying to get rid of teflon as well. Most of our cookware is All Clad, so we are good there. My big issue is my rice cooker. We eat a lot of rice and the teflon bottom of the rice cooker is scratched. That cannot be good. I think I might just start doing rice on the stove top. It's a bit of a bummer to have to get rid of the convenience, but health is more important.

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