Frugal Tuesday ~ 10/23

After my plea last week for help, I found out that a lot of you really enjoy the frugal living aspect of my blog – an element that has been lacking a bit recently. So for those of you who like frugal tips, I’m starting a new series called Frugal Tuesday. I hope to update you each week on frugal {and not so frugal} things I’ve done recently. {Thank you so much for that feedback by the way!! My menu plans will be back next week – this week my husband and I are away on a business trip so I have a cooking reprieve for a few days!} But here goes the first post in the new frugal living series…

Frugal Tuesday

First up, my frugal accomplishments:

Last week, pomegranates were on sale at Aldi for 49 cents each! That’s an awesome price! I remember this sale happening a couple times last year and have been waiting for it to come back.

Behold! Six nice pomegranates. My intent was to extract the seeds and freeze them for smoothies. If you have never cut open a pomegranate, read the instructions over here.

Another one of my goals has been to enlist my children for more help around here. They are old enough to be doing a bit more than they do and my 8 year old was eager to help.

But look at that mess she made in the process! Clearly, I have a bit of teaching to do about cleaning up…I also learned that 6 pomegraates does not yeild enough to freeze. Next time the sale comes around, I’ll likely need to get about 20 if I really want to freeze any. Half of the seeds were devoured the day Anna made this mess, and the others I just put in the fridge because all kids love them and I figure they can just eat them up this week.

And now, my not so frugal accomplishments:

On Wednesday, the Aldi ads switched over and mushrooms were on sale for 49 cents a pack! A screaming deal and another one I knew was coming back because I haven’t seen this price for a while. Since I had just been to Aldi on Tuesday, I didn’t want to go back. So I asked my hubs if he’s pick me up 4 packs of 49 cent mushrooms. Well…never send my husband to pick up a deal. He came home with 4 packs of $1.69 Baby Bella mushrooms. I think perhaps he needs his ears checked? Clearly, I prefer Baby Bella mushrooms, but I really wanted the cheaper ones this week. Oh well! C’est la vie.. No sense crying over spilled milk as Ma Ingalls used to say, right?So I just enjoyed my Baby Bella mushrooms.

What frugal things did you do last week?



  1. I decided to only buy what I was going to use that week. No extras, no stocking up. Sometimes I get so "smart" that purchases never get used. Time to force myself to clear my shelves and freezer before putting more in!
  2. I would've taken the mushrooms back to Aldi to get the cheaper ones. They are very easy going with returns, and the Aldi here is close enough that it would have been worth the drive, or easily on the way to somewhere else I needed to go. :)
  3. Pomegranates can be a pain! My mother would put all of the seeds in a big pot and cook them down and extract the juice. The juice became jelly - YUMMY! I would cut them in half and just start eating away, spitting out the seeds. :) What a buy!

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