Frugal Tuesday ~ Cash Budgeting & Frugal Finds…

I can’t believe it’s November already! I love the beginning of each new


  1. I use a computer-based envelope system (Budget for Windows by Snowmint). I find it works better for me if I have about 10 very specific categories, each with with subcategories. In other words, I micromanage our budget, and it works for me, although I generally dislike most forms of micromanagement.
    • I used to use MVelopes a long time ago. It was pretty slick. I am a terrible micro-manager. Unless it comes to kid artwork. Then I have to just step away... ;-)
  2. Wow, I have to check Aldi, that is a fabulous price for butter! As for budgeting, I married a man who has kept track of every penny he has made or spent since he was in the eighth grade! I am sure to turn in my receipts and he enters them all in a spreadsheet he's made himself and tweaks with time. We have a lot of budget categories but it works b/c he keeps track of it. We've traditionally paid with credit cards (which we pay in full each month) but have started using cash more so it's more "real" for our kids. We've even let our three year old help "pay" and have to choose what he can get by how much money he has.
    • Cash does make it more real, doesn't it? We also used to pay for everything with credit cards. We, too, paid the bills in full each month, but cash is sometimes harder to part with.
  3. You found my butter - LOL!! It's really good butter too. Been using it for about 6 months. SO much cheaper than the Lan-0-Lakes I was buying. I'm a Goodwill fan as well. My older boys are hard to find stuff for there, but all my daughter's jeans come from there. I can actually buy it cheaper there than I can sew it myself!
  4. Nutella! We're big fans of Costco, too, though I don't get my produce there. Even though we use a lot, their big bags are just too big for us. Michelle - I would love for you to link your post up to Frugal Thursday Rewind, a frugal linky that I started recently on my blog.

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