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Our Favorite Games from 2017 – 10 Easy & Fun Games for Kids

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 Looking for game ideas for fun family game nights? You will enjoy this list of 10 easy and fun games for kids! These were our favorite games in 2017 so add them to your list this year!

favorite fun games for kids on 2017

*This post contains affiliate links which means I make a few pennies if you purchase through my links at NO cost to you! Thank you for supporting my site.*

10 Easy &  Fun Games for Kids

Our family has a pretty short attention span. For us to enjoy family games, they have to be easy to learn, quick to set up, and fun for most! Bonus points for educational games, and we’ve found ways to make most games at least somewhat educational. A few of these games are classics that I played during my own childhood, but many of them are new! All of these games are approved by at least two out of my four children. 🙂 Have you played them all?

10 Easy &  Fun Games for Kids Sushi Go!

1. Sushi Go

Sushi Go is a quick, fast, and fun game loved most by my 7 and 9 year olds. It’s a quick card game advertised for 2-5 players ages 8 + with games lasting around 15 minutes. The game description says that it reinforces probability, visual discrimination and strategic thinking as players race to accumulate the most points by making matches of nigiri, wasabi, maki rolls, and sashimi.

Sushi Go costs $9.34 on Amazon and you can order it here.

pass the pigs

2. Pass the Pigs

A silly game that requires no real skill, Pass the Pigs is fun game of chance as you roll pig dice and accumulate points based on how they land. Pass the Pigs is a classic party game but my entire family loves it! It requires mental math (addition) so it does have some educational value. 🙂

Pass the Pigs costs $12.99 and you can order it here.

10 Easy &  Fun Games for Kids - The Game of Life

3. Game of Life

A game straight from my childhood, the Game of Life. My youngest daughter played this at a friend’s house this summer and then begged me to buy it for her. I spent hours playing this game when I was around 10, and apparently it still captures kids’ attentions because my two youngest daughters couldn’t get enough. I can’t claim that I still love this game, but my kiddos sure enjoy it.

Amazon has several options available at lots of different prices. The Game of Life Trip Advisor Edition sounds interesting to me, since we love to travel, but I haven’t personally played it. It’s also the cheapest version I found. 😉

uno attack

4. Uno Attack

We saw this game for the first time at ChiTAG 2017 and it is a lot of fun. We’re huge UNO fans around here and spent hours and hours playing Uno. UNO Attack adds a fun twist in that instead of physically drawing cards, you hit a button and a random card shooter spits out cards. There’s also a new Attack Attack card that also means a player can shoot cards at an opponent!

Uno Attack costs $12.99 at Target and ALL ORDERS ship FREE through 12/23! Uno Attack is actually cheaper online than it is in stores!


5. Good ole fashioned deck of cards!

Don’t discount the fun you can have with a good old fashioned deck of cards! I love that cards have  practically endless options and their small size makes them very portable! This summer, my kids learned how to play rummy and solitaire for the first time when we were camping in the Cascades. With no wifi or cell service, they had to get creative to amuse themselves.  The deck of cards came in really handy.  A deck of cards makes a great stocking stuffer if you don’t have any – you can grab 12 decks for $13.50 on Amazon and put a deck in everyone’s stocking this year!

Have you Tried these 10 Easy Fun Games for Kids? + Giveaways!

6. Pie Face

You’ve heard of Pie Face, right? Basically, this game is an excuse to eat whipped cream, best I can tell. I’m not a huge fan, but my kids love it. Who doesn’t want to have whipped cream smashed in their face? 😉 We got this game a few years ago and the kids still enjoy playing it when they can talk me into it (which admittedly isn’t that often).

You can buy Pie Face for only $5.88 as an add-on item to a $25 order on Amazon!

Ice Cool Board Game - fun family games

7. Ice Cool

Ice Cool is another game we saw this year at ChiTAG. My younger girls especially enjoyed this game – which involves flicking wooden penguins around a “school” trying to get a fish snack before they are caught by the hall monitor. For 4 players, ages 6+, this Game of the Year 2017 is a hit with the younger kids. 🙂

You can buy Ice Cool at Amazon for $35.97.

happy salmon

8. Happy Salmon

Happy Salmon is a loud and fun game for people of all ages. It’s seriously easy to learn and it gets the players up and moving around. We first learned about Happy Salmon at ChiTAG in 2016 and I included it on my gift guide for stocking stuffers last year! We’re excited by Happy Salmon’s new version that works even if a player is color blind.

Happy Salmon costs $15.75 on Amazon.

Enter to win your own Happy Salmon Game here.

Have you Tried these Easy & Fun Games for Kids Bonk

9. Bonk!

Bonk is fun game for 2-4 people. In a nutshell, each player slides small balls down a chute to try to knock the wooden ball into one player’s zone! It’s trickier than it looks because the board slopes down from the middle! We played this at ChiTAG and had a lot of fun.

Bonk costs $39.99 at Target  and ships free through 12/23!

Enter to win your own Bonk Game here.

spike ball

10. Spike Ball

Spike Ball is hands down my 12 year old son’s favorite game. We learned about Spike Ball on our epic road trip to Seattle this summer and then played it again at ChiTAG 2017. Ben spent hours at ChiTAG playing Spike Ball and will be super excited to find this under the tree this year. 🙂 Spike Ball is best played outdoors and is delivered in a Spike Ball branded box.

You can buy Spike Ball at Amazon for anywhere from $45 – $60. 

Enter to win your own Spike Ball Game here.


Our Favorite Games from 2017 - 10 Easy & Fun Games for Kids

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